Enemies Like Flies...

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    Two decades of hot blood and cold sweats,
    Good intentions received mostly threats,
    Knee deep in conflict, violence to my eyes,
    Dying insect wants to drag down before it dies...

    Buzzing in me ear, telling me things I don't want to hear,
    In my head, like they think I'll break, like I can't bear,
    Enemies like flies, foes like maggots,
    The ignorant, the bitter, the bigots...

    Enemies that want to slit their wrists,
    Enemies who worship a country, nationalists,
    The wounds they can inflict,
    Are feeble, so I predict...

    Swatting at the swarm, day and night,
    Eyes the color of earth, ready to fight,
    Hair, thick and dark, on my head,
    Run a hand through and bid them dead...

    Won't be shaken, won't be stirred,
    They do distract, but won't be deterred,
    Could I, should I, even acknowledge them?
    Can I ignore a stone on my wrist trying to swim?

    Cut out the cancer in your chest,
    Or be consumed like all the rest,
    The burning in your veins, onto the blade,
    Turn your back and run, scars will fade...

    On your knees to a false cause,
    Feed freedom to imperial jaws,
    You go slave, prisoners of another's pride,
    Given and denied, throw all of that aside...

    Change my intent, from swatting to teaching,
    Drums of war fall, raise the trumpets of preaching,
    Watch flies drop dead, give way to new meaning,
    Otherwise, so many lives may go careening...