Endless dark

Discussion in 'Original Works' started by Crusader, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Hello, this is a short story I've started work on recently (a few days ago actually), not muhc progress really, barely a page done. it was originally an idea for an RPg on this forum (you can find the introduction in the theme suggestions area, but its here too. This is the first few paragrpahs which i liked so much after reading that I decided to make it into a short story.

    The basic synopsis is that this is a ruined city with no end, trapped in the hour before the end of mankind (setting is ambiguous as to whether this is earth or fantasy). We follow the lead character as he tried to live on as one of the few people left alive, constantly at war.

    This is the story of the end of humanity. Its basically taking the post-apocalyptic cliche and turning it on its head, te romanticism and escapism of that scenario is long been lost, all thats left is the survival instict when all hope and joy has been burned from the soul.

    its very morbid but I hope to make an interesting tale out of it.

    Any thoughts?