"Empire of Thana"

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    Chapter one - The Guild Of Secrets

    Cold wind blows for west ,when men wakes up. This land seems to be more green, then used to.
    Where are we Cenario , tried t ocontact central to his radio, he looked for rest of his team.
    He pressed radio (my character - i will come up wiht profile later) - "Sergant Tylor, report".
    all he hear was lauzy noises... "Sergant, Tylor " - he didnt tried again. He look around, this land was unfamiliar, he take his weapon , he preapred himself for batlle. He tried again "Sergant Tylor, please respond " He tried one of his GPS locators, it ddint work, ir seemed to be broken - satalites must be down, he thought.....
    Seragant Tylor woke up , his head hurted like hellm he looked around. He took his radion " commander Cenario. Seragant Tylor. - there was no respond, he took out his gun,as the Book said ( the batlle book - what to do in curtains situation) , he took GPS out, no compass, no Gps, he wasnt trained for situation like this... " , Nort" , he thought , "where the hell is north"
    He walked few hunders meter to right, he saw small city , -" old city", he thought , must be gallgans...
    He walked his way to city - as he closed city , he noticed - " the yare no galgalians - the are humans " - he came closer to city , as he closed in , villager runed, screamed - he thought , we are at war ,enemy , friend " - he tried radion once more " commander Cenario, sergant Tylor"
    No respond. He closed city, as he tried to enter main , gate , some warrior with swords and shield stand out - i mean no harm , he told. Warriors raised swords - said something...
    BLANK, he passed out , a heavy hit from back....
    He woke up , in old dirty prison, his mask was taken off. a commander was right in front of him , he was already woked up...
    commander! he said...
    As commander raised his head , a man came in , in dark brown robe at speak in mysterious language... ( guilds member btw)
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    They had come to the edge of the forest and could see the town clearly. It was old and secluded, a perfect place to make a temporary HQ. Just as Orphius was going to give the order to move into the town, there was someone in the street that raised a sword. Moments later, the city was alive with creatures of all kinds.

    "What is it sir?" one of the elite soldiers had come to figure out why the order to advance hadn't come.

    "Soldier...prepare to charge. We are going to have to take the city by force," Orphius turned around and told the medical supplies to stay back, "The rest of you, prepare for battle,"

    The Rebels brought there spears and shields out and got into a special siege formation. As the creatures in the city were capturing whoever it was they were taking, the Rebels stormed from there foresty hill on the flank of the city and a massacre followed on their heels.