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    ok to start the character is set in a no really far future set up (100 years)

    Name: Alexie Duval/ Roland
    Place of Birth: not locatable
    Age: 27
    Class: samurai of the new age
    Race: human
    Description: 5’11” black hair, pale blue eyes, oddly charismatic, cleans up well. Normally wearing a clean shirt with a nylon blazer and leather full coat over that.
    Background: Alexie’s past has been forgoton since no one but him cares where he was until that minute.
    Bio: raised in a big urban new age city, born to a high class family Alexie knows how to act infront of the upper class. When he was fourteen he began to devote himself to becoming a wandering samurai, the temple of the samurai was notorious for finding the wrong doings of the hierarchs and showing the world what had been pulled over them. During this political confrontation Alexie had to choose his path: follow the samurais or go down the road his masters bade him not to; the rich path. When the hierarchs grew weary of the political assault the sent an army of city guards whom with their guns and grenades leveled the temple killing all the samurai as they drew swords against their assailents. Alexie did what he could and ran taking his masters swords upon last request before death. Alexie had learned then the samurai were powerful but not invincible, he spent years after the attack training he bought himself two heavy pistols which he would in place of his katana and whakazashi. He carries all his weapons swords and pistols with him but unless worthy he never uses his swords on a target. Alexie is a mercenary who engages his targets like a samurai he is always close to his kill and never uses any backstabbing tactics his charisma allows him acsecess to almost anywhere.
    Weapons: dual twelve inch blue steel 45 caliber revolvers, masterfully made katana and whakazashi, along with other “fun toys” such as a zippo, punching weights, and a hunting knife.