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    All original -

    Name: Zohik
    Title: Life Saken - The Incessant Warrior
    Age: 28
    Race: Confused of -
    Sex: Male
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Deep Raging Blue
    Wieght: 167lbs
    Hieght: 6'1"
    Birth Date: Nov.10


    Appearance: His Eyes have always stayed shut to not see the forsaken world. He has kept them shut ever since he was twentyone. I would have drawn him the way I saw him in my mind but just about everyone can't do that so here are my best. ~ Pics below ~

    Zohik Young



    Weapon: ---Two Blades are used---

    Hokiju - This sword Which Zohik has know control over but yet is lets him wield it.

    Chikota Long Bow - An amazing Long Bow made out of a strong Crimson Steel. It Shoots within many yards of range.


    Armor: Normal White Gi. Mostly he never has a armor top. He usually doesn't have a top on for it provides less movement speed, also providing him with less heat, the less heat one his skin and flesh the more strength he has. This armor is weighted meaning if he took it off he would be much faster.



    Crimson Shantu (Weapon) - This curved dagger is kept hidden on if he is caught off guard. The speed he can use this weapon is unmatchable for it's light feeling makes him able to even move faster.


    Strengths: Speed, Endurance, Balance, Death, Swimming, Mind strength and Stractics.

    Weaknesses: Fire, Souls, barriers, white magic, dark magic, Axes, Women, Memories, and Style of fighting.

    Overcomed Weaknesses: Dark Magic, Fire, White Magic, barriers, Environmental changes and souls.



    (---Saken Soul---) - Zohik is a Saken but heart and by blood though something keeps him as a Setorion by mind. He finds the will power to brake through and become great in his ways of movement and offensively. He moves, knowing exactly what he is going to do and his eyes are wide and aware of everything around him. He wishes no one to see him like this because he wishes to be stern and serious. He is completely his true self in this way but it only lasts for so long(5 turns).

    (---Shattered Blood---)Frozen Blood - If bleeding enough he can gather almost a Bithra and freeze the Blood so strongly that it shatters from the force. It's mass is reduced greater almost into a mist and it goes into the opponent's body. It will go through the skin pores or through the mouth or nose. It will find a way in when the enemy isn't thinking smart enough. Zohik guides this mist attack.

    (---Crimson Palm---) - When his palm reaches blood or a wound it takes in its life, making energy form in a ball of a Crimson Light. Holding up his palm he shoots random spears of Crimson energy.

    (---Teal Desire---) - If a slash is deep enough into any part of his opponent’s body, some spirit flows out in a teal stream into Zohik's Blade and gives him power. This power gives Zohik double the power he once had, yet fades after three turns.

    (---Ziton---)Energy Sword - Gives his sword a energy pattern of its own. It can guide itself to block an attack if needed and with speed not imaginable.

    (---Ierian---) - If over five gashes have been made in his opponent, then he can draw the blood to be a target for his sword. Ziton will have to be used before using this for the sword will attack wherever those certain wound have been made.

    (---Icento---)Ice Strength - 70% of a humans body if water. 80% of a elfs body is water. So Zohik has 75% just to be fair but.......This technique freezes all the water inside of his body to ice for a few minutes. Strength is gained from his reactions to this. His body becomes tense and in doing so pain is agnored and he can hit double or triple his strength concerning the area he is fighting in.

    (---Final Technic---)"Enounic" - No one has ever seen this technique's movement. It is undodgeable. This is to hard to describe, but I can post a battle when I used it and I thinik it would describe alot of what it does. This technique can go through any other attack of magic or any substance other then physical items unless doing less damage. There is only one block and Zohik only knows it for he made that attack but no one else will know unless he tells them. It will kill an opponent's pet or summoned creature. This attack goes through easy though a very high price for Zohik.He starts with control but to execute the attack it would mean to dop the same amount of damage to Zohik as his opponent. He has tried for years to find the endurance to go through the full attack but ahas also fallen short of using for he becomes overcome with fear. It is very unlikely that he will use it in battle only on the most desperate moment. It is impossible to use twice in a battle.


    Personality: He doesn't think anything of himself though he seems to make mistakes with his thoughts every now and then. His thoughts and words are serious and to the point most of the time. He is stern yet has a split in his personality. Being a Setorion in blood slightly he can not control himself at time and he seems to act blindly, yet still to the point. He is mean but also can be nice. He doesn't give away himself at any time.

    Bio will be in my next post....
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    I might change the whole bio sooner or later but I'll tell you if I'm doing so.

    Moss flattened before mighty pounding feet moving with haste. Kilkos, I fine race of monsters and fierce fighters. Trampling through this sacred place, the monsters and their leaders marched violently over the vast forest. Anger drove them not even aware that an evil force was controlling them. Blood could almost be seen in their mouths for they have had countless battles that no one in Jil’ru could imagine. Jil’ru being a quiet containment for peace livers and farmers was now going to be a wasteland, a murder sight for berserk creatures wishing to taste man flesh.

    Violent roars were heard in the town of Jil’ru about two miles away from the hostile creatures. Noticing the sounds warriors were informed by the old healer. Countless men formed a wall in front of their city. They knew that they would fall against such hostile creatures but knew that the fight would save their families.

    Zavvix Kenjuko was one of the warriors in this wall of men and he stood without the slightest sign of fright. Zavvix was one of the greatest warriors in the village and no one wanted to loose him but without him they knew they would loose without the slightest of a fight. He stood, sword in and dew dripping from its tip. The sun had just barely made it over the mountains of the east and gold covered the meadows in front of the beautiful town. Sweat was covering the men’s faces. They were standing with nerves pulsing through their body at high speeds giving them goose bumps.

    Suddenly a monster popped over the ridge of the hills ahead and gave a tremendous call for the others. Monsters flooded over the bump in the land and poured down into the field ahead. Men held their positions and some drew swords ready for the battle ahead. A line of archers awaited their signal behind the line of warriors, each one tired of holding back an arrow. The command was released as was the arrows at the same time. Numerous kilkos fell and many were injured but thousands more flooded over the hill behind.
    The high-ranking warrior gave the signal to charge and the entire warrior’s dashed forward swords ready to meet their enemy’s blood. The kilkos extended their knife like claws and dashed forward as well. Man blood was poured over the land, as was monster blood. The mix gave the field an unholy simple. Zavvix was struggling for his life as he slaughtered countless monsters. The leader Kilkos was atop a boulder waiting for men to make it past his lines. Zavvix, with all strength, leaped into the air, over all his opponents and landed on the ground next to the boulder. At this point his blood was pumping faster and faster waiting to stop beating all together.

    The large monster that stood before him lifted his hand to reveal silence over the demon filled field. Blood stopped from wounds and the creatures that once fought for know reason started running away back over the hill to the containment of their forest. All the men started to smile with their victory but they then noticed the leader Kilko with his hand coming down. Zavvix, waiting next to the boulder that the creature stood upon was waiting for him to challenge.

    Black and red eyes floated to glare down at Zavvix and the creature flipped far above him. He landed with gracefulness and silence. As he was down, head near knees he slowly started to shade. A shadow was upon him and as he stood he morphed with every move. I monster once before was turning into a mighty warrior.

    A sword in hand, muscles pulsing out of arms and other parts of the body, and veins which revealed incredible pulsing rates. The man turned over and looked straight at Zavvix. The tattoos along his arms and face gave a disturbing feature. A crackling and deep voice echoed out of his ripped jaw, “You shouldn’t have challenged the last Setorion. Now you must die.”

    Fear Rustled in Zavvix’s stomach as he stood, sword in sheathe and blood from wounds now pouring with extreme rates. “You do not deserve to be called the stronger form of your race, Set! Now let us see who will die.”

    The Setorion hearing this threw his blade as fast as the wind blew and the cold steel was stabbed into Zavvix's left arm. He slowly pulled the blade from his arm and threw it to the ground. His jaw was very tense while tightening from the pain and his arm was now flowing dark crimson blood.

    “Let us see what you can make of me!” The Set yelled as he flew towards Zavvix. His fist came in quickly and hard to meet Zavvix's stomach and made him fall even when Zavvix was ready and flexed to try and armor the attack.

    “Human muscles are nothing compared to my own. Maybe you can get a scratch on me, hah.” The Set yelled as he picked up his sword slowly. As he bent his back up straight to fix his posture and look upon his opponent he noticed a women run over and put her hand upon Zavvix's forehead. He tried to push her away for her protection and show that he didn't need help but she stayed. The Setorion paused to look at this creature of beauty. Her ears pointed of near the top and her skin was completely smooth with no blemishes anywhere. The Elfan put him in ah but he quickly shook it off and tensed up to hear her voice.

    “Please don't hurt my husband! You may have whatever you like but please don't hurt him!” She softly spoke loud enough for the Set to hear. Her arms were now spread out as a sign of protection to her husband.

    The Set smiled as he slowly walked up to the elfan. “You will both die then....” He thrusted his sword quickly and without a sound made the cold blade reach her heart. He well to the ground motionless and without expression.....

    “Mayu!!!!!” Zavvix yelled as he stood to run to her side but was kicked suddenly in the side of the head sending him flying to the side. He stood with his armor half off and his eyes grew a tint of crimson letting himself and the Set know of his anger. Zavvix looked upon his lifeless wife and grew anger within his heart. Blood pumped furiously within his veins as he dashed forwards at the Set with amazing speed. He plunged his sword straight forwards only to hit air and see the Set dodge the attack with ease.

    “You shouldn't try to attack if you know your not going to hit.” The setorion said with a laugh.

    “....Check yourself again you idiotic Set!” Zavvix yelled with a smile. A deep large gash formed on the set's arm and dark blood gushed out.

    “Impossible! No human or any other creature can cut into my skin! It is forbidden!” the Setorion yelled as loud as he could. He looked away from the wound and looked back at Zavvix to see him kneeling near his wife. His hand reached out to touch her face but he quickly withdrew it. “You can die next to her!!!!” the Set screamed as he threw his sword once more at Zavvix. The blade made a loud crunching slide into Zavvix's head but the Setorion even looked away from the mess. Before the blade hit his flesh, Zavvix had yelled to the Set, “My son is alive and will kill you for my sake or maybe even his own.......”

    At this message the Setorion ordered for every infant to be killed that was under the age of five. But for a weird reason they did not harm any of the towns people. The kilkos finished up cleaning the field with the only instinct to pile their dead and burn them. The smell traveling far. But within the burning village a cry was heard from one of the towns people. A man no older the 27 and he hurried towards the sound. The cry seemed to be everywhere but he guided himself to find a house in flames and the cry being stronger and louder then ever at this point. He kicked away some wood in flames and reached to gain the weight of a small child. This was the only child that was left from the killing and the babe was found in the house of Zavvix. This man ran back quickly to the others to show this child to them and they all gasped at the child for it had not one scratch on it. Zohik........The sword was something known to him ever since he was a child. He practiced every day not knowing of what happened those many years ago. his age is larger now and the man who found him, had told him about his father but knew nothing of his mother but Zohik doesn't seek revenge but more of the end of roothless Setorions.