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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Hand signals is not a true form of communication
    To me this is mental devastation
    Words you cannot say
    In my mind this goes on in replay

    Who can this person be?
    Emotional ignorance is his philosophy
    A man by marriage I am related to
    His heart is not red it is cold blue

    Hate is a word I know he uses towards me
    Assumptions not fact is all I see
    He lives in silence as on his lap top at night
    Away from his wife, damn this picture is not right

    This is his peace?, not his kids or family?
    He will get what he deserves eventually
    Yeah this is a rap attack
    By a poet who loves to drink some jack

    No words of confidence, not a single compliment
    So no in my eyes he is no longer relevant
    Emotions he shows none
    As time vanishes like the evening sun

    8 years I tried to get him to accept me
    Nothing but refusal is all I was forced to see
    Pain, agony and depression taught me a lesson
    Humanity is in trouble and I hate many people, this is my confession