Dum Spiro Spero...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    And now, as the world comes crashing down,
    As the masses start thrashing as they drown,
    Don't breathe a word, don't make sound,
    Because what goes around comes around...

    If you think you don't deserve this,
    If there seems something amiss,
    If you think I'm the devil in disguise,
    Just take a look into my eyes...

    See the hell that looks back at you,
    A force that runs right through,
    You see it now, the will,
    Endless, almost surreal...

    And it comes down on my shoulders,
    It's not rubble no more, crashing boulders,
    Dum spiro spero; while I breathe, I hope,
    Dum spiro spero; death is the only way to cope...

    But dying is easy, living is hard,
    And I intend on playing fate's card,
    No matter how unfair, never the coward's way out,
    Just keep fighting through, just wait it out...

    When you thought no one would care,
    The rest of the world may watch and stare,
    But look into my eyes,
    And see I'm a hero in disguise...

    See the promise they make to you,
    Telling you just how close we grew,
    The hell they cast on the past,
    And how we were built to last...

    Dum spiro spero, while I breathe, I hope,
    Dum spiro spero, until I'm at the end of my rope,
    Then I'll just let go and begin to fly,
    And look down on it all from the sky...

    I will always watch over the masses,
    Over seas of sand and waves of grasses,
    Guardian angel, devil in disguise,
    Just from a glimpse in my eyes...

    The one to bring tears, to wipe them away,
    The one who went away, but came to stay,
    The one that refuses to die just to live,
    The one who took it all, just to give...

    And as daylight fades into night,
    My eyes have never been so bright,
    My wings are spread wide now,
    And I'll save us all some how...

    Dum spiro spero... Fight until your last breath...
    Dum spiro spero... Leave a name going beyond death...


    For everyone who has one of those days where they've had all life can give them and then some, just hold on. Ask for the strength to get through today. And then, tomorrow, do the same thing. Fight. Fight until your knuckles are raw and bleeding. Until they drive the last nail into your coffin, resist. Rebel against giving up. Brave the tide that is depression. When the world just falls down around you, take a look around and just smile, if for no other reason than to spite the forces that do it to you. Because, anyone can die for someone or some cause or for no reason at all... But living? Living is hard. It's the hardest, longest, most hellish thing any of us will ever do, and we only get one shot at it...