Driving Nails...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    Dig deep, dig deeper than I ever thought would be needed,
    Because to lose now means that I will be defeated,
    The forces of darkness gather at my doorstep for one last fight,
    And, if God wills it, it will all end on this very night...

    No more metaphors, no more beautiful exaggeration,
    My soul is under siege, my heart faces starvation,
    Not by the hands of mortal men, soft and fair,
    But from the pits, challenged by the Lord of Air...

    With Demon Hunter and Oh, Sleeper at my side,
    I might look to stand alone, to stem the tide,
    But I am weak, I am without a foothold,
    But at my back, a force stronger than time is old...

    And, if I should fall, within the next 24 hours,
    May my body, broken and empty, rest in a field of flowers,
    I have no sword to swipe, no shield to raise,
    But I will still lift a song of the utmost praise...

    If I am to be martyred, struck down in the throws of war,
    Know that my sacrifice goes to a cause of so much more,
    My heart in my throat, and thousands of miles away,
    My hands are shaking, and the sun is a dull gray...

    I won't beg, won't throw myself at the feet of the foe,
    Something is working in the all around, in the air and below,
    My voice is quivering, and though I cannot sing,
    May all the sounds from my throat praise the King...

    I've never faced anything like this and never hope to again,
    But He has me by the hand, and will lead me through the flame,
    The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord,
    Now I'll march off to battle, once more into the breach, just hand me my sword...