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    Hey, fellow Fantasy readers,

    I don't think I'll ever write a self-promotion post and not feel a bit needy while doing it, but as this is a Fantasy forum, my novel is free, and I genuinely believe some of you might like it, I think it's okay to let you know it exists. :)

    In a nation where wealth equals worth, a mercenary, a priestess, and a psychic must enter a merchant king's disturbed mind to prevent a civil war.


    "Dreams of the Dying" in the first part in a five book series that explores the past of a mercenary (and professional cynic) named Jespar Dal'Varek. It follows him to the island nation of Kile, a tropical paradise visually inspired by ancient Mesopotamia, where the island's most powerful man has fallen into a supernatural coma - threatening to plunge the country into a civil war.

    Genre-wise, it's a Fantasy novel with strong undercurrents of psychological horror and mystery, as well as a bit of romance.

    If that sounds like something you might enjoy, feel free to either dive right in or get more information and a detailed blurb on my Patreon, where I release new chapters every week. There's also an audiobook in the works, which can be found on YouTube:

    Maybe the name "Enderal" rings a bell with some of you - it's a non-commercial RPG for which I wrote the story. In some way, the novel is a spin-off but it stands on its own.

    Anyway - thank you for taking the time to read this! And if any of you have feedback or critcism, feel free to post it here - I'm constantly updating the novel as the chapters come out. :)