Dragon's ruby

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    It was Maron's eve when it all started.I,siting in my small seat in the Elf's ear tavern,ponderd at the storm out side.A storm on Maron's eve!By the Gods!I had never saw any thing like it in my whole life.As i write this i sit in my home,the storm long gone,this is an acount of my adventure with the Dragon's ruby.I sat and drank my ale,waiting,for what?I do not know.I sat looking at the walls.Then,Just like a ghost in the night had done it,the door slamed open.In came a man dressed in rags.He made his way over to a table."give me a ale..."he said,in his deep strange voice.There was something about him..he look...Like a beast.He had red eyes and long dark hair,Very tall he was.His cloths looked as if they had been torn by wings coming from his back.But surely no man could have had wings.I walked over to the bar,sat down,and asked:"Aye me barmaid.Come here will ye.How much for a room tonight?"."aye.ta'night its two gold coins"."aye.Here i will take me A room".
    I said that,not knowing it would mean ending what i called my life as i knew it.I look over at the man.He was gone.I looked around not seeing him,but,Then i saw him,walking up the stair case.I walked up as well.I walking in to my room,to see,a dead body in the bed.A bug slowly made its way out of the bodys mouth.I almost hurled.I quickly made my way out,only to be pulled back in.Something pulled me to where the body had been.It was now gone.It pushed me down,and,It was him.The man.Slowly,He changed.Wings came out from his back,long tusk came from his mouth,and his eyes...they changed...They looked dead...They rolled back.Then his hair truned to horns,and his beard truned to whiskers.He had truned into a beast,a Dragon."Ye art now me slave" Said the beast."Go and get for me the Dragon's ruby.That book over there holds all ye must know of it".He truned to pure air.He was gone.I quickly picked up the book.In it were these words:Ye seek the dragon's ruby.Find it ye will in Mary's cave to the west.That was all.I knew of mary's cave.It was hardly a cave.More so just a hole.I walked to mary's cave in this stormy night,not knowing what fate was waiting for me there.When i was there i look around.It was safe...or so it looked.I walked in to the cave.Strangely a ruby was siting there.I picked it up.When i did,I started to changed,I was become what he was.A Dragon.To this day i do not know what it was or why he sent me.I now hide in the hills.As i write this i am in form of a man.I hope some day some one will read this and come to slay me.Farewell ye.