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    Name: Dracos Infernos.Meaning firey dragon and telling of my brave heart.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Draconian
    Weapon: Katana and wakishasu
    Where are you from: I am from the land of Darvania and lived in a remote village in a volcanic crater until i moved here.
    Siblings: I have no brothers or sisters, but i do have my soul mate Kyrisha my dragon.
    Quote: Live by the sword die by the sword...my sword.

    Dracos is a loyal draconian dedicated to saving his race which is being hunted by all the other races as they are feared and loathed. He is on this quest to prove to all who will listen that his race is not to be feared by those who uphold honour. But anyone or thing crosses his path and their will be trouble.....