Don't say it

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Don't say you love me
    Don't say you need me
    It's just lust I know this well
    Believing these lies I would rot in hell

    You want to think this is love
    As you stare at the stars above
    I would like to think so
    Because I do not really want to let you go

    This is life, I am in reality
    When everything lacks perspective and clarity
    People change like the color of the leaves
    In the end almost everyone I know deceives

    I can go running but I can never hide
    The thoughts that are ruling inside
    I could be everything to someone if they allow
    Still they run, in a way I believe its happening again somehow

    Sedation is my destiny
    With all the medals and everything I have done, I'm still not free
    In fact I am grounded by these black metallic chains
    Digging right into my veins

    Even if I am dealing with this metaphorically
    This is my doing by not being like the rest of the society
    I just need someone to stay by my side
    So I can repair the damage that has been done on the inside