Does it always have to rain?

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    You know, you know I want to be close to you
    Give you my heart, soul and make every dream possible come true
    Can you accept the offer I give?
    It is going to be there as long as I live

    The kiss, the touch and a rose
    I want you to feel loved from your head to your toes
    Yet you have no clue
    The potential and what I could be to you

    I know what I see when I look into your eyes
    You feel what I feel but you don't realize
    The fear and worry forever do you in
    Before this wonderful beginning could ever begin

    So you ship me away
    Off you go with out a word to say
    I'm in chains
    I feel it in my veins

    Do you know what you have done?
    Pulling the trigger before all the laughs and the fun
    What a shame
    I just learned your name

    Refusing to play life's game
    Emotions and thoughts so hard to tame
    So I ask why
    To the sky

    Not a answer to be found
    When no one is around
    The painful reality wins again
    As I feel like I always feel when I was alone and ten