Diary of Anaria

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This is my new story. I'm new here also. I'd like to know your opinion. Thanks!

  1. I don't like it! Better take a sword than quill!

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    -Diary #1
    17th October, 357. S.E.

    So I'm sitting here, in this house, looking through the blurred window and waiting for the storm to pass. The host is a kind person, except that he is a little noisy when he speaks. I'm stuck in this town for five days already. Three days in this house. I was sleeping at the stables for two nights, when Dragomir, my host found me and invited me to stay at his place. Many thanks to him...
    If you are wondering how I got here, I was ambushed by a group of bandits at the forest near this town. Oh, the town is called Meadville...yes the are famous for their mead. So, those bandits attacked me when I was trying to pass through that forest, I knew it would be a shortcut. They took my sword, called Roseblade and around 100 coins I had. So, with just my clothes that I had now, I continued my path down the hill, to Meadville. As soon as I got here, the rain started. It's still raining, five days after. But as soon as it stops, I know what I must do. I must get some money for a new sword and supplies and a horse, if I could get enough gold. And I must complete my original task: find a certain driud at the outskirts of the so-called Haunted Woods. People often call him Darko, but others say that his name and origin was forgotten long ago. That doesn't have anything to do with me. I just need some herbs from him. And one more thing...if luck serves me well.
    The moon is slowly rising as I write. I can hear wolves. It seems that people here are afraid of them. I just saw how few townsmen that were awake quickly locked their doors and windows.
    Honestly, I am not afraid. I have met and encountered lot of wolves during my wandering. We'll see what's so scary about them, I'll speak with Dragomir about it.
    Finishing the first page of my new Traveler's Diary, with hope that I'll find my old one at my future days...