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    Not where I wanna be
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    Now I remind you of everything you live for,
    Because I am everything you hate and more,
    Oh weak little incompetent one,
    How far can you possibly run...

    This gun, pointed at my head,
    Will end up killing you dead,
    Don't pull the trigger and blow out my brains,
    Because my scars will not outlast your pains...

    Let me dig you a shallow grave, not worth six feet,
    Scream how you want to die, oh boy if we meet,
    Parasites burrow into your heart, into your skull,
    Strange a heart could be so empty when it's so full...

    Tearing out the pages of your life,
    As you tear at your wrist with a knife,
    Meaningless, watch you deteriorate,
    Tumbling towards an ultimate fat...

    What a meaningless prize to achieve,
    Someone who does not believe,
    Blood dripping from your nose, runs from your eyes,
    Dust between my fingers into dirt, your life dies...

    A waste of air if you continue this way,
    So change your ways if you choose to stay,
    Your life was paid for in the blood of another,
    Someone who loved you more than a brother...

    Spit upon the face of the weak,
    That is you at your peak,
    And it could stop at any time,
    Before the end of this rhyme...

    Alive or dead, that's how the saying goes,
    Cut your throat with the thorns on a rose,
    Or smell their beautiful scent,
    Matters not how your life is spent...

    Just change your ways and change them soon,
    Because when it comes to lead, no one is immune,
    And the gun to my head won't be killing me,
    And surely it will not end up setting you free..