Declaration of War part 1

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    Here we go with another piece. Comment at will or just enjoy.

    Declaration of War

    A long time ago, at the edges of space and time, a battle was fought between absolute good and absolute evil. They used to clash every millennium or so and none of us where the wiser, but this time something went wrong, and evil won. Strengthening their hold of our level of existence began to spread throughout the universe. Here on Earth in our time, 4305 AD, they are called demons. They live among us and feed of the humans in their vicinity and most feared of them all is the creatures know as vampires, dead humans whose very soul have been exchanged by that of a demon. And in no other place do they thrive better than in Nexus City, the last great city of the United States of America. But although the vampires have the power and the strength to rule the city, there exists hunters. Men and women that fight the undead plague wherever they find it, and then there are hunters who are not quite human…

    She got of her bike in the middle of Square Grand and took off her helmet, her single eye scanned the crowds and the buildings. The tight leather pants squeaked as she walked to a nearby street kitchen and sat down.
    “Can I get you anything, honey?” the vendor asked, a fat man with almost no hair left.
    Slowly she shook her head and once again turned her eye towards the sky and the tall buildings.
    “We’ve come a long way from the small wooden houses we used to have back in my day”, she mumbled to herself. Her eye squinted for a second when she thought she saw a shadow in the window of the Klaxon building, but then turned her attention to the crowd once more.
    Time and time again she was surprised by the humans, for 3000 odd years she had seen them evolve from brave men and women to snivelling, analyzing and self-important little vermin. Then again, she’d always thought of them as vermin.
    Evil, on the other hand, had not changed. The creatures of darkness still lurked among humans, she among them, although she didn’t kill as joyfully as she used to do. It just didn’t feel worthy of her time.
    She lit a cigarette and laughed softly when she thought of what Roztan would say if he’d lived to see this. She could almost hear him making that little nose-sound he always did when he was irritated, and then he would have given her a shout-out like nothing the worlds ever seen.
    “Why do you persist in making things difficult, girl? You are better than that!” he’d say, and then rattle and prattle about things that would make her head hurt. The Circles she missed those headaches! Her cell rang and she picked it up out of her red mc-jacket.
    “Annie here!” she gleefully answered.
    “Cut the crap, Inna,” came the irritated answer, “you’ve got a job.”
    Inna sighed; she did a lot of that lately. Although Hunter was her first friend for many, many years he sometimes drove her insane. And, for a friend, he really didn’t share a lot about himself. Not even what he looked like, the only image Inna ever had seen of him was a hologram in the form of a fire, and that buggered her even more. But she owed him a lot, he was the one who organized a search party and found her in a cave in Canada when her blood alchemy magic finally drove her mad, he was the one who had her apprehended and took her to the States and, after many nights of work and tests cured her from her madness. And then he had trained her, he had done what Roztan failed to do so many thousand years ago; he had made her understand the fine arts of battle, to not just charge headlong into the enemy but use every weapon available, and not only material ones. And she had loved him for it. Later, when her sanity had reached normal levels and her battle skills where at their peak, he had introduced her to Zenn Raveham and Celeste Brigthswood, the former a human P.I, former of N.C.P.D, and the latter a computer-witch. Both of them had been recruited by Hunter to fight in his war against the “dark menace”. Menaces like vampires, werewolves and all the other so called “fairytale-monsters”. Both Zenn and Celeste had been less than thrilled to meet her, she had been less than that. The offer from Hunter to join with them had been turned down with the utmost politeness (she had surprised herself). But after some thought she had agreed to make herself available if he needed her for something. The most stupid, ****ing mistake in her long life she now realized. Now Hunter where on her back 24/7 about things he thought she should know. A monster here, a vampire there. He knew a damn lot for a guy that never showed his face!
    Not that she needed Hunter to tell her where the trouble was; in later years people had become more aware about the darkness, even the police where equipped with stakes and silver bullets these days.
    “´Kay, what’s the problem?” she asked with a sense of dread, a long, boring explanation was about to follow, “a cat in a tree? A monster in a closet?”
    “Hardly” Hunter replied, “I need you over in East Nexus A.S.A.P, there seem to be something big going on there, vampires has been gathering for days.”
    “And I only hear about it now?” Inna muttered, “what’s it gonna take for you to call in Celeste and Raveham? Dracula and Orlok?”
    “I didn’t know it was gonna be such a big deal!” Hunter defended himself, “I just figured the suckheads was doing something harmless.”
    “Hey! I resent being called a suckhead! Our lives are very challenging!” Inna said with a mischievous smile.
    “Inna, you’re dead.”
    “Well isn’t that a big ****ing challenge then?” Inna snarled and then she sighed, “fine, where exactly is that meeting?”
    “I already told you! East Nexus.”
    Inna could not believe this; did she actually work together with this guy?
    “Street name, brainiac.” she sighed.
    “Oh, uh,” Hunter was quiet for a moment, to search cyberspace was Innas guess, “yeah, okay. Here it is; 345 Shenning Street and Gorheim, East Nexus.”
    Inna frowned.
    “Really?!” she said with false surprise in her voice, “I could have sworn you said West Nexus!”
    “You’re cracking me up, Raveham will meet you there.”
    She frowned.
    “Oh joy of joys!” she exclaimed.
    Then she hung up and went to her bike, a damn fine one at that. A Poison Lilith from the forties, she mounted it and decided not to wear the helmet, she was in a hurry and to put her hair into the thing took forever. He’s gonna owe me for this one she thought as she drove towards East Nexus.

    “Blasted rain!” Nigel said with an irritated snarl.
    It had rained without pause since before sundown, and Nigel hated rain, especially since he had to work with Cesar. Even in human form he reeked of wet dog. The two men, if they truly could be called that anymore, sat on the porch of one of the big warehouses on Shenning Street. Cesar smoked the last of a big cigar and threw the butt out in the street.
    “Oh stop your complaining, ese! It’s not like it’s gonna stop because you tell it eh?” he answered the vampire, “anyway, the head honcho said to guard this entrance, so that’s what we’ll do, right vampiro?”
    Nigel looked at the werewolf with contempt.
    “Oh go lick your dingle-danglies!” he said with a grin, “that’s what your kind is so good at, isn’t it?”
    In an instant the medium build Mexican held Nigel by the throat with a big arm coated with black fur and his sharp claws dug in to the vampire’s neck bone.
    “Now listen here, cabrón!” Cesar snarled, now in the shape of a big almost humanoid wolf, “I work with you cause the pandilla de lobos wills it , but if you ever talk to me like that again I’ll ****in’ kill you, comprende?!”
    A zippo lighter flashed and turned both their attentions to the other side of the street. Cesar let Nigel go free and then turned to stare with his green eyes at the cigarette smoke now coming from the mouth of a young girl.
    Nigel too stared at the girl, she was hot! The girls left eye was kind of buggered up by a long scar from the forehead down to her chin, but the rest of her was gorgeous! That leather jacket was tight in all the right places and those pants were every perverts dream, and he hadn’t even begun to think about her long, black hair!
    The girl smiled, and then she started to slowly walk towards the two guards. Cesar was the first to speak.
    “Hey you!” he growled with an evil grin on his wolfish face, “This is a dangerous neighbourhood you know, not well for a lone chica to wander about in after dark.”
    The girl stopped as she came close to him, then she held something in her gloved hand. Nigel saw what it was and cried out to Cesar but it was to late, the silver object sunk into Cesar’s head before any of them could react. The werewolf howled out his pain and fear before he sunk down on the asphalt and laid still, his life ended by a letter opener. Had the situation been different, Nigel would have laughed. But the girl turned her single eye towards him now, and then she spoke with a voice from the grave.
    “Who’s in charge? How many of our kind is in there?” then she nodded to the dead Cesar, “how many of theirs?”
    Nigel began to shake, only once had he heard this voice. It was right before his master and all his underlings, except him, had been slain in Venice 2354.
    “R-Rinasdottir,” he whispered, “p-please, don’t kill me.”
    Inna sighed and raised the letter opener once again.
    “I will if you don’t answer my questions” then she stopped as if she thought of something, “come to think of it…I’ll probably kill you anyway, bummer for you.”
    Then she laughed and stabbed Nigel in the heart as fast as lightning, the final thought that rushed trough his head before he turned to ashes was;
    “Boy, I’m lucky I’m not Maxilian right now.”
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    Zenn Raveham lit a cigar and shrugged, he reminded himself for the one hundred and counting time that he had to stop taking jobs from Hunter. Not that he did not like the five figure salary he received every week, but hanging out with vampires and werewolves wasn’t his idea of a good time. Now he stood in the centre of a big warehouse amongst a large gathering of the former and only a few feet away two or three big ones of the latter held council. He didn’t now what the **** was going on, which kind of pissed him off. And one of the fangs checked him out like a happy meal, which definitely pissed him off. He turned his dark, calm eyes to the vampire and met her stare, and then he smiled. The fang looked startled, he’d bet no one ever met her eyes before when she looked at them like that. She showed her fangs in a snarl and slowly began walking towards him, but was cut to a stop by a voice that, where he not so blazed about these things, would have chilled Zenn to the bone.
    “Friends! Family! Allies!” the voice began, Zenn saw that it belonged to a man clad in a suit that was unmistakeably from Harding’s, the most expansive tailor in Nexus City, he was flanked by two marine-looking men with rifles (though not any rifles Zenn ever saw before), the man’s neatly cut, black hair seemed as lifeless as his guests and Zenn nodded to himself.
    “If that’s not a fang, I’m a hummingbird.” He murmured, but he shut up when some of the fangs around him started to give him curious looks.
    “Many of you know me, but some of you don’t” the Wall Street guy continued, “to all you new faces, I am Maxilian Bane, respected man of society, but also one of you, one blessed with the gift of the night!”
    And so it went on, Maxilian saying he was just as one of them, a boy from the hood so to speak. But Zenn could already tell that Bane was everything, except like the regular vampires.
    The muscle he had for protection could not have come cheap, and the suit was to fancy for someone who was used to live in the gutter. Then the fang started to get interesting.
    “For to long, my brothers and sisters, for to long we have been forced to live alongside of the human filth! The pray that we should hunt, now hunts us! Their police are carrying silver bullets and stakes. Now, I am a practical man, I know that we have to keep the food population up, but I can only be pushed so far! The humans have set out to eradicate us! They have been trying to do that for five hundred years! But now we will take the fight to them! We will no longer stick to the shadows! No longer obey their rules, hunt where it pleases us, and kill where it pleases us!”
    Cheers and whistling broke out among the ranks, and Zenn felt his stomach twist as he realized what was about to happen; the undead prepared for war! The werewolves howled in joy as Maxilian held up his hands.
    “But how, you ask of me, how do we, a mere thousand of nightwalkers, take the fight to six billion humans? It’s simple, my friends, we will use their tactics against them, behold!” he cried out and pointed his hand at the soldiers at his side, “Behold the first among the elite! Behold the Brigade of Blood!”
    More cheering, more whistling. Zenn could not stand a minute more of it, he began to slowly move towards the exit, but a big chest of black hairs stopped him.
    “Where are you going, cabrón?” The werewolf asked, “You don’t like what the vampiro honcho’s sayin, eh?”
    “Eh…actually...” Zenn smiled, “I like everything he says and I just have to tell my clan!”
    The werewolf snarled and dug his claws into Zenn’s arm.
    “Do you think I’m stupid, cabrón? Don’t you think I can smell your humano alma!? Your soul!?”
    Hunter started to sweat, hell; anyone would break a sweat if a big, ****ing wolf stood between you and the escape route.
    “Well…” Zenn began and then he relaxed, “yeah, I’m a human, so what? My master wants to know what was said here all the same.”
    “And who is your dueño?” the werewolf growled, “I better have heard of him, cabrón, or you gonna wish you’ve stayed home!”
    Zenn straightened up, but couldn’t reach the giant werewolf any further than the giant throat.
    The creature looked down on him but Zenn would not break eye contact.
    “My master is…Inna Reknasdottir” he whispered.
    Suddenly everything became very quiet in the warehouse. Zenn realized that every pair of eyes in the place was aimed at him. The werewolf grinned.
    “You’re either very brave…or incredibly loco to say that name out loud in this muchachos de vampiro hates that girl with a vengeance.”
    “And why is that, you furry son of a bitch?” a voice said, a voice that Zenn recognized. Seconds later a silver bullet had exploded in the werewolf’s head and turned his brain into goo. Zenn turned towards Inna.
    “Took your sweet time, fang,” he grumbled, “could’ve been killed you know!”
    Inna smiled and flashed her fangs.
    “Now there is an idea worth looking in too!” she said as she was throwing a gun to Zenn. He captured it clumsily and then he ducked behind some crates. Some of the other fangs had made a run for it, and all of the werewolves had done a disappearing act. But all in all there was fourteen fangs on the floor and Maximilian and his Blood Brigade boys on the catwalk, the odds wasn’t in their favour. He fired a couple of rounds into the fray and turned to look at Inna, what he saw made him wanna throw up. She had thrown all of her guns away and was now hacking and slashing like crazy with those freaky claws of hers. Her hair and face was wet with blood and, Goddess almighty help him, the bitch was laughing! Zenn couldn’t comprehend the joy that came running of Inna like a tidal wave. Every time she ducked just in the nick of time, or when she crushed a skull of an enemy, the joy she radiated became stronger. Only three fangs left on the floor. Two. One. It was over, almost. Maxilian still stood up on the catwalk, his soldiers with their weapons aimed at Inna.
    “Well done, sister!” Maxilian said, “but you still fight like in the past, allow me to show you the future.” He snapped his fingers and the rifles sprung into action, Zenn didn’t know what they were packing but he was pretty sure Inna wouldn’t survive many rounds of it. But she laughed again.
    “I ain’t living in the past, Max” She avoided the rounds with a speed no human could ever hope to follow and got her gun in hand, “I’m just flexible.”
    The gun hacked out rounds on semi-automatic and the two soldiers turned to dust. Inna used the time Maxilian stood stunned to get up on the catwalk and take aim against him. To Zenn’s surprise, the ****ing fang smiled too.
    “Ah, would it only be so that you were on my side, Inna, spawn of Rina, spawn of Ceran, spawn of Nazlion, ruler of The City.” He began to walk closer, “But that was a long time ago, was it not? And now Nazlion is asleep, Ceran dead and your master gone, just as our home, The City.”
    “So you know of my family and my history?” Inna snarled, “well congrats…But you’re dead anyway.”
    She fired two rounds into Maxilian and then once again extended her claws and drove them through his chest, she still growled as the old vampire turned to dust.
    Zenn got up on the catwalk and cautiously stepped closer to Inna.
    “You okay?” he asked and took a small step back when she turned to him with a long line of blood trailing from her eye to her chin. A tear, he realised, so vampires did cry. She smiled and shuddered.
    “Lollipops and sunshine, Zenn.” She answered and jumped down to the warehouse floor, “call Hunter would ya? Tell him you have a war on your hands, and I’m out!”
    Zenn’s ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing.
    “What do ya mean with ‘I’m out’, you can’t be out! Not now, we need you big time!”
    Inna lit a cigarett and snarled.
    ”And you don’t have me this time, deal with it.”
    And the she was gone.
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    They roared in laughter, in their little hole of the universe. Their plans where fitting in. One of them slithered close to the edges of the hole and tasted the sweet freedom that came closer and closer. But, as a statement from the Goddess that they where not free yet, the filthy creature got burned alive in flames that would melt rock. The others laughed at the unfortunate fate of their brother and once again turned their attention to the world below them.

    “Damn!” Inna exclaimed as the brick she’d thrown smacked into the roof on the other side of the street, crushing a satellite dish in the process. She snarling she turned her head towards the Nexus skyline, the one thing that was beautiful in the whole, stinking city. She sighed and sat down on the roof above her apartment. Why was she letting it get to her like this? Sure, that old creep Maxilian had known her entire history the second he saw her, but he was dust now so why be upset about it?
    “Because the memories still hurts, you stupid bitch!” she answered herself.
    It stopped raining as she leaned back and looked at the stars, visible even trough the Nexus smog, so alike the stars above the City. Wait, no not alike, not alike at all. When she’s last been to there, natural light had been something only the human slaves had remembered. Starlight had been a whisper and sunlight nothing more than a fantastic fantasy.
    On her last visit, before the place vanished from the face of the earth, she’d been on a mission to save her friend Ray, a sun spell-caster, from a summary execution. She still cried sometimes, when she was alone and allowed herself to remember, over what they’d done to him. Spells needed a certain amount of concentration to work, and the vampires of the City had figured that if you take away the focus, presto, no more spells. And they did it in their usual, brutal way; they gauged out his eyes and ripped his tongue apart. A deed that, as far as Inna was concerned, was a big, ****ing distraction, she had undergone the same thing herself during WW2. Mengele, the brutal bastard that he was, gauged out her eyes. It had taken her weeks to heal from that. Inna was still surprised that she and Ray had made it out of the City alive. During their many years, Nazlion had allowed Inna her little crusade against her own kind, she never did have any doubts about that. If you didn’t count those first hundred years when she was convinced that it was only a part of her being badass. But to let a sun spell caster go free? Not even on his most generous days would Nazlion do that. So how in the name of the thirteen circles and all of the demons in them did they escape?
    Well now she knew, Nazlion had been asleep, and he would continue to sleep until he was good and ready, not to mention hungry. And, she realised, when he did wake up, everyone on the planet would be as good as dead.
    “But how the hell did Maxilian know?” Inna asked the stars, “Why didn’t I? I’m the one who’s of his bloodline! I would have known if something big was going on!”
    Unless her not knowing was a part of Nazlion plan? He had ways to cloak his presence and cloud others mind. It would’ve been a small task for him to keep her out of the thick of it. She snarled again at the futileness of such questions. She got up and jumped down trough the skylight and landed in her apartment. It was a pretty big place, perfectly shielded from sunlight due to heavy, theatre-like curtains. No one would call Inna a cultural animal, but she had to admit that it was a, what was the word Brigthswood had used? Very “chic” way to keep her ass from being turned to dust. She stripped down and collapsed on the bed, after all that had happened this night, she really needed to catch some Z:s. She smiled to herself, she needed to stop listening to Brightswood’s modern lingo, she was beginning to understand it and that really filled her with mortal fear.

    “I’m telling you, Hunter” Zenn shouted over the phone, “The fang-girl is losing it! She was covered in blood and ****ing laughing!”
    “Raveham, get a grip” Hunter calmly answered him, “letting the monster out is just her way of dealing with what she does.”
    “Dealing my ass” came the muttered answer, “she’s losing it alright.”
    Hunter’s electronic sigh shot cold shivers down Zenn’s spine, briefly he wondered how his boss really sounded but shunned away from the thought when he realized that what he heard could actually be his real voice. Zenn had been a cop when the world didn’t believe in vampires, werewolves and other crazy ass stuff. “Had been”, those words made him feel as old as Inna and Hunter, but thirty years ago, when he’d been in his twenties, no one could even grasp the idea of eternal creatures, feeding on blood walked among them.
    Except for a selected few. The Brotherhood of the Sun, vampire hunters. It had been a routine homicide for Zenn, except that the victim was drained of all “bodily fluids”. He’d just guessed that it was a ritualistic murder, the Brotherhood had known better. They’d shown up, waiving fake badges with all the letters of the alphabet on them, and told him they were handling it. Stupid as he had been, he had asked them to stick it all up somewhere. They didn’t like to hear that. He had been escorted off the premises with more armed guards than any felon ever had been blessed with. And of course, being Zenn, he had made a u-turn about a mile from the scene and come back later that night to snoop around. And he found the murderers alright. Three fangs and two Brotherhood hunters, duking it out like crazy. And just to make it all worse, Zenn had come crashing in, waiving a gun and started to shout about arrests and legal rights. By right, Zenn Raveham should’ve died that night, but dumb luck and a nicely placed piece of broken furniture saved him. Or saved his life anyway, the minute he told his superiors about that night, all hell broke loose. Suspension, divorce and the whole shebang. So he did what every disgraced cop does; he started a P.I-firm. He specialized in the cases real cops only laugh at. UFOs monsters, mysterious disappearances and stuff like that. It was all real! Okay, so maybe the UFOs had been bullshit, but all the other stuff had been as real as they come.
    “Raveham? Zenn? Are you there?” Hunter’s voice cracked over the line.
    “Yeah, sure” Zenn replied, “just zoned out for a moment.”
    “I need you back here.” Hunter changed the subject, Zenn noticed,
    “And see if you can get Celeste to meet you on the way.”
    “Why?” Zenn asked with a sigh, “another fang clan? Like I didn’t saw enough of them tonight to last me until next year.”
    “No” Hunter answered the question with grim resolve, “We’re going to do what Inna said, prepare for war.”
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    The Pounding music was loud and a hundred times wilder than when she got there. Celeste felt like her feet was going to fall off at any second. Luckily enough, Josh was there to hold her upright. He was 22 and a senior at Larring Collage, an uptown Harvard/Yale-thingy, and that’s about all she knew of him. Except for the fact that he wasn’t some kind of vampire, werewolf or a demon. She always checked potential lovers an hour or two for signs of unnaturalness before she moved in. Josh was alright, a wee bit old fashioned when it came to romantics but a girl couldn’t be picky in these days. She gave Josh a fiery kiss and grabbed his hand to lead him out of there, and then she saw Raveham.
    Story of her life ever since she began working with him really. She had some fun, met a guy, and then along comes Zenn to **** it all up.
    He had made his way towards them and then critically eyed Josh.
    “Honestly, kid” he grinned, “you could do better.”
    Josh, being a guy, couldn’t off after something like that.
    “An’ who’re you, then?” he asked, “Her daddy? Granddaddy?”
    Zenn smiled predatory and Josh suddenly realized that he had done a very stupid thing.
    “Actually, I’m her older brother” Zenn lied and then he turned to Celeste,” and me and our pale sister had a little run-in with the “Capulets”, so now father want all of us back at our estate.”
    For a moment, Celeste looked at him like he was a half-wit, but when she understood what he was trying to say with all his crazy talk she nodded slowly.
    “You’re right, bro” she said and looked apologetic at Josh, “the “Montagues” needs a family meeting.”
    The left in a hurry and went to Zenn’s banged up, old Toyota. They drove towards Hightown, where Hunter was waiting.
    After a while, Zenn laughed and glanced at Celeste.
    “I didn’t know ya ever read Shakespeare.” He said.
    Celeste shot him a look that was pure ice.
    “Hey, come on Celeste…” Hunter tried, “it’s not my fault the fangs don’t check with you before trying to destroy humanity!”
    Celeste sighed.
    “No I guess not.” And then she banged her hand against the car window, “why the hell tonight of all nights?! I mean come on, no dates for a week and when I finally catch someone, the vamps destroy everything!”
    “Yeah, life’s a bitch alright.” Zenn agreed, “but you got to learn how to see the fun part of it.”
    Celeste looked at him with a grand amount for doubt in her face.
    “What fun part?”
    “The part where we dust their undead asses back to the stone age!” he said with a smile, “so when did you really read Shakespeare?”
    “Didn’t” Celeste sighed in response, “suffered trough a school play of it once, I hope I’ll never be so bored again.”
    “Sure you will!” Zenn said with a smile, “we’re going to listen to Hunter giving a bunch of lectures tonight.”
    Celeste looked like she was going to throw up.
    Zenn chuckled and turned the car down a (to the public) closed road. Minutes later they parked in an underground parking lot. Celeste frowned.
    “Why did he have to live in Hightown? With his money he could find a fab place in West Nexus, easy! I checked there once you know, and the apartments cost like 10 grand a week!”
    “Celeste, I love you like a sister but sometimes you make me wanna scream.” Zenn sighed.
    “Well, I know he’s trying to hide his presence and all, but it wouldn’t hurt him to live a little tad more fab.”
    To his credit, Zenn didn’t sigh until they stepped into the elevator and Celeste proclaimed that it was not “fab”.

    The elevator squeaked and jerked as it was dragged by old machinery the five floors to Hunter’s apartment. Zenn began to sweat when the rusted wire made some cranking sounds. He laughed nervously for a second, a guy who fights vampire without blinking but sweats like a pig in an elevator? Celeste on the other hand, she tried her fullest not to touch the elevators walls, ceiling and, if she had been able to, floor.
    “Oh, come on Celeste!” Zenn exclaimed, “It’s not that bad!”
    “Says you!” Celeste said in a nasal voice.
    “You’re gonna faint if you don’t breathe.”
    “Stuff it! I’m gonna faint if I breathe!”
    Zenn rolled his eyes and stepped, not without relief, out of the elevator. His eyes took in the room, or rather, what seemed to be a room. Hunter had explained to him about how he had created the illusion to hide his operation but Zenn had never understood it. It had something to do with making people believe that they where in a room when in reality they where in a large hangar-like building. He took a firm grip on Celeste’s arm and dragged her trough a wall. He always felt a little bit funny when he went trough the illusion, it was like being caressed by a ghost. And then he where trough, the small room was gone and he now looked at a…dump. It could only be described as such.
    Everywhere there was pieces of old machinery and large heaps of material, some of it was rusted and burnt by use while some other things was shining and new. He zigzagged trough the piles of junk and emerged from the steel jungle to something that looked like a set from a very old sci-fi movie. A computer-rig with at least 20 monitors, there seemed to be more of them for every time he got here, and in each and every one of the monitors an image floated. Zenn stopped dead in his tracks, he had gotten used to the changes Hunter did to his appearance, and mostly he only saw the flame-holo his boss liked so much. But this time there was no flames, no animal head. It was a face.

    “Look, missy” the bartender barked, “we don’t serve minors here and I don’t care what you’ve heard or who you know!”
    “But I...” Inna started.
    “But nothing! Now get your cute ass out of here while you still have it in one piece!”
    Inna snarled in the bartender’s direction and began to walk towards the exit. She could not believe it, 3000 and some years and she was being carded! Sometimes she missed the middle ages. Back then, if you where old enough to walk, you where old enough to drink. Nowadays, if she wanted something better than root beer, she had to go to the seedy dives where a lot of her kind gathered.
    Unfortunately, her kind didn’t like to drink with her. Sure, the bastards would love to drink from her but that wasn’t cup of tea anymore. After Roztan died she stopped enjoying drinking from partners, or doing anything with partners at all.

    Sure, there had been women in her life since then, but they never stayed in her memory very long when she thought of them at all.
    Except for Carmina, for 10 years or so during the 25th century, they had been inseparable. Carmina had been a thief, and a party animal. And in the world of Inna, those two things where as dangerous as bungee jumping without a line. She remembered the last days clearly, she and Carmina had had an apartment in Metaeurope, the biggest city on the European continent after Northholm. Inna had been in the apartment watching TV and snacking on a girl she had found in a club when Carmina had bursted in crying with blood on her clothes. Inna managed to calm her down enough to tell why she was hurt.
    She had stolen something from Kastonovich, a well known vampire master. He had come from somewhere in the Russian federation, but nobody knew exactly where. The valuable Carmina had stolen was really nothing in comparison with what he already had taken from some people, but the loss of face. That a mere human managed to rob a vampire, was to much for Kastonovich to forget.
    When she heard the story from her lover’s lips, Inna knew that her stay in Metaeurope was over. So they packed their bags and went down to their favourite bar for a last drink and some goodbyes.
    But Kastonovich’s goons had found them out and, to cut a long story short; had rained down on that bar like WW4. Carmina had been one of the 200 odd dead in the raid. With a fury that scared her more than the fact that she now was alone in the world, Inna hunted down some of the goons and convinced them to talk before she slaughtered them using the most refined methods known to vampirekind. And then she found Kastonovich, she didn’t dwell long on what she did to him, it scared her still. Shortly after the Carmina’s burial, she left for Canada.
    Inna was jolted out of her memories by a hand pushing her away from the door. The hand was attached to a big log of an arm, belonging to a scarred Mexican, werewolf if her nose didn’t lie. The big man smiled.
    “You’re the vampiro chica, eh?” he growled, “who made Maxilian dust, no?
    Inna sighed and extended her claws.
    “Yeah that’s me, want an autograph?”
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    “Lincoln?” Zenn exclaimed when he studied the face on the computer-screen, “why the heck did you use Abraham Lincoln?”
    The face smiled, but it was a dead smile on a dead face. No humanity whatsoever. But he had to give Hunter points for trying.
    “What better face is there for one who are about to go into a righteous war?” the image answered.
    Celeste had sunken down into a comfy, albeit dusty, couch and was busying herself with a magazine about sportscars. But as Hunter spoke, she looked up.
    “What? Why?” she asked, “didn’t Zenn and Inna gut that Bane-guy?”
    “A war is not won just because one general is killed, and it does not matter how important he is.” Hunter answered mysteriously, “Nor is it over before their troops are completely annihilated.”
    Zenn groaned and crossed his arms.
    “Come on! This ‘wise old man’-shit isn’t funny so just try to be serious.”
    The Lincoln-head smiled and this time it was more alive and human.
    “Okay, take it easy,” the face changed into a pillar of fire, the form he often used when he spoke to them.” I was just trying to make you laugh a little before the fight.”
    Zenn sighed, this was going to suck. Twice already Hunter had spoken about a battle and that meant more fangs, werewolves and more of those brigade-boys.
    “Why do we need to do this now? Inna gutted Bane and took out what were supposedly the best the Brigade of Blood had to offer...”
    “And one of their lieutenants, werewolf to be exact.”
    “Yeah, and a werewol...” Zenn stopped himself and turned to look at the entrance to the hangar. There stood Inna, her right arm was sliced up bad but already healing and her left…
    “Goddess’s death!” Hunter exclaimed when his various cameras zoomed in and focused on the werewolf-head, “that thing is as big as you!”
    Inna lifted the head, which indeed was huge, even by werewolf-standards.
    “It is? Gee, that really explains why the mutt managed to nick me.” She said with a sarcastic voice.
    “Nicked you?!” Celeste yelled, “Your arm look like hacked meat! That’s so not fab!”
    Inna looked at her and dropped the head before she turned to Zenn.
    “New slang?” she asked.
    “New slang.” Zenn confirmed.
    “Can I kill her?”
    “I don’t think that would win any points with Hunter.”
    “How about dismemberment? I could settle for dismemberment!”
    Zenn pretended to think it over.
    “Hmm…Maybe later, we may need her in a while.”
    Inna flung her into an armchair and muttered a quick “spoilsport” at Zenn before she turned to Hunter.
    “I want you to call them off.”
    “What?” Hunter said, the mechanical voice sounded politely surprised.
    “I know you have spies among the clans and packs around Nexus, tell the bastards that I’m not with you guys on this.”
    The fire on the screen became weaker and it seemed to Zenn as if Hunter showed signs of being ashamed.
    “I can’t do that, Inna.” He said after a while.
    “Can’t or won’t?” Inna flashed her fangs in a snarl.
    “Can’t, there have been casualties.” The image replied, “they killed all the humans in their midst before last night’s meeting, for fear that some of them had been working for me.”
    Inna eyes showed the utter lack of belief. Vampires killing their servants were unheard of for five hundred years, and werewolves rarely had servants at all.
    “So, “Zenn said, “this is really it huh? They’re going to war.”
    “Yes.” Hunter confirmed gravely.
    They all sat silently for a moment.
    “****!” Inna threw a wrecked computer-screen through the room and continued to curse with a vocabulary that even the most foulmouthed sailor would be shocked to hear.
    “Inna, I know it’s bad, “Hunter rebuked, “but we got to stay calm if we are to win the war for humanity!”
    “Screw humanity!” came the angry answer, “I don’t want anything to do with this war! I want to be left alone! By them! By you! By everyone!”
    She trashed around, still cursing and, Zenn noted, she had blood in her eyes. Quietly, he moved over to Celeste and grabbed her arm.
    “Hey! Hands off, Zenn.” She said, “I wanna see this!”
    Zenn lifted her out of the couch and started to pull her towards the exit.
    “I think we need some coffee and food, we should go and buy some.”
    “Hell no! I wanna see…”

    Quietly, Zenn and Celeste left.
    “Good man.” Hunter thought, Zenn wasn’t nearly as stupid as his ragged appearance suggested.
    Inna was still trashing around, something shiny splintered against the wall. His 2012 silver sculpture of Goddess Perfectum he presumed.
    “Inna, please calm down.”
    “Damn it all! I just want to be left in peace!” she cried out as she crushed a painting Hunter was rather found of.
    “This isn’t about that is it? Usually you would be glad at the chances for violence this presented, wouldn’t you?” He said calmly, “This is about last night, about Bane knowing about you and your family.”
    Inna stopped for a second and then sank to her knees crying, like her rage had taken all of her power from her. She stayed that way for a good while, calming down enough to look up at him, her face red with tears of blood.
    “He made me remember.” She whispered, “The things that drove me to madness in the first place. Rina, Ceran, Nazlion and that accursed City.”
    “I know.” Hunter’s voice was low and soothing. “But they are just memories, they won’t bother you anymore.”
    “But they are not dead!”
    Hunter sighed to himself, cursing the world for transforming an innocent girl into this. A broken creature that couldn’t feel safe before she had killed all of her enemies.
    “Maybe not, “he said cautiously, “but you will notice none of them has surfaced in more than a thousand years.”
    Mechanical tentacles shoot out quietly and lifted her chin so she looked at the screen with the fire, “and I don’t expect any of them surfacing in our lifetime.”
    Inna pushed the tentacle away.
    “But they could.”
    At that point, Hunter understood that he would never snap her out of it with soothing words. He had to turn her sadness into something else, something useful.
    “Yes they could, and there is nothing you could do about it!” his voice grew harsh and unforgiving, “lying on the floor and crying like a child!”
    Inna flinched and then stared at him with her cold, blue eye. Hunter noticed a weak, red light in them, good.
    “Don’t look at me like that!” he bellowed, “you know I’m right!”
    The light became stronger and her hand tightened.
    “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you bloody...”
    “But I do, you are scared and weak, I wish Rina would resurface. She would laugh and spit on you if she saw you!”
    With a roar Inna’s claws shot out and skewered the metal tentacle clean of the socket from which it came.
    “I’ll show you weak!” she snarled.
    The fire increased in what the others had come to think of as a smile.
    “We’ll see, now wash away that blood from your face and start acting like an adult!” Hunter hated himself for this, but anger was enough for now, “listen to me, vampire, you want peace? Fight this war! Kill every single creature of darkness and you will have your precious peace!”
    The red light in Inna’s eye shone bright now and she stood up, claws at the ready, glaring at the screen.
    “What do you mean?” she asked suspiciously.
    Hunter relaxed, she was angry and curious enough to forget her sorrow.
    “If we win this war, all Hell won’t dare to attack you, and I vow to never call on your services again.”
    Inna stood stunned. Which was, of course, what Hunter had planned all along, make her forget her sadness with anger, and then tempt her to calm that anger.
    The thoughts raced in her head, she would be free. Not bound by honour or debt, nor would she be hunted by her own kind. And all she had to do was to play the hero one last time.
    “I accept.” She said after a while, “what do we do?”
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    “What was that all about?” Celeste asked grumpily when she and Zenn drove out of the parking lot.
    Zenn changed gears and took a right turn out on highway 25, a high-speed road that ran trough all of Nexus City, and then he was silent for a moment.
    “Well?” Celeste demanded.
    “She was about to crack.” Zenn answered, “And she could’ve hurt us if we’d stayed.”
    “What? Why?” We didn’t do anything!” he’s companion protested.
    “Rather than letting us see her cry, she could’ve decided to nock us out cold.” Zenn said grimly, “you have to remember that she’s only sixteen.”
    “She’s 3000 years old!” Teenage angst doesn’t hold up that long!”
    Zenn sighed.
    “Well, yeah she’s 3000 years chronologically. But in mind and body she’s still a teenager, an abused teenager at that. She hides it most of the time but sometimes she just can’t and it’s in those times she’s really dangerous.”
    Celeste shot a glance at him.
    “How the hell do you know so much about fang-girl?” She asked, “I didn’t think you guys did anything but argue when you talk.”
    Zenn shrugged and shifted gears again, his companion asked too much questions for his taste. Finally he started talking.
    “Hunter allowed me to look at her file one time, in there is everything he knows about her. And, trust me on this, that guy knows a lot.”
    They drove of the road down an exit that would take them to Cop Town, a precinct that was so well behaved thanks to the cops that could walk down the street in the middle of the night and the robbers would give you money. Not even vampires and demons set up camp here anymore. Plus they had the best coffeehouses in Nexus.
    “So what’s the story?” Celeste was looking at the shops and bars they where passing, “why did Inna become like she is now?”
    Zenn stopped the car outside the coffeehouse known as “Officer Buck’s” and pulled the handbrake.
    “Her father was crazy,” He said after a while, reluctant to tell Celeste the whole story, “They lived somewhere in England during the middle ages and, from what I understand, the Innatui family where some form of outcasts even before Inna was born.”
    “Her full name is Inna Innatui?” Celeste asked perplexed, “good imagination on the naming part.”
    “Do you even want to hear the story?” Zenn grumbled as they entered the shop, Zenn ordered two cups of coffee and then sat down at a table. There would be a while before Hunter would be able to calm Inna down enough for them to go back. Celeste sat down beside him.
    “Okay, continue the story.”
    “Well, since you ask so nice.” There weren’t any other guests in the shop so he didn’t have an excuse for not telling her, “She was not named Inna by her parents. She where named Demonera, a strange name I know. And the rest of the villagers didn’t like it much either. But Bear, He was her father, didn’t care what they thought, or what his wife, Sea, thought neither.
    He was convinced that she had a demon’s blood in her. And you know that it wasn’t very popular to be a demon in the middle ages. So the villager figured that it was bad enough that he named his daughter a demon, but to claim that she shared linage with one was an outrage. But they couldn’t just call for someone to kill a child, so they froze the Innatuis from their company.
    They became more and more outcasts over the years and, along with Bear becoming less and less sane, it took a heavy toll on them.
    He finally killed his wife and, when he came to his senses, blamed it on his demon-daughter. He beat her badly, nearly killed her, but the only friend Inna had had over the years managed to kill him first. Inna pulled trough of course but not before she paid a price. She lost her sight due to the heavy hand of her father.”
    Celeste sat chocked and silent when Zenn finished speaking, she couldn’t believe her ears. Inna, the strong, fast and violent vampire. Beaten bloody and utterly defeated, by her own father. Tears started to fall down the girl’s cheeks.
    “Oh Goddess, the poor girl.” She said.
    “Don’t tell her that.” Zenn warned, “She doesn’t remember it.”
    “Why not? A thing like that should’ve stuck with her.”
    Zenn nodded and drank the last of his coffee.
    ”Yeah and it did, but when Hunter cured her from her madness he blocked off some memories, including those of her father.”
    “So you mean that if she found out…”
    “She could snap like a twig? Yup.” Zenn answered and began to walk towards the exit with Celeste in his trails, he noticed that no clerks stood behind the counter, but thought nothing of it. Maybe coffeehouse clerks took brakes too. Then the door exploded and in the broken doorway stood a giant werewolf and what Zenn immediately saw where four vampires.
    “Uhm…Zenn?” Celeste asked.
    “Did you happen to take your cell phone with you?”
    Zenn shook his head.
    “Your gun then?”
    Another denying gesture. The werewolf pointed at them and the vampires charged.
    Zenn met the first one with a fist in the face, although it didn’t hurt the creature, it startled it long enough for him to slip past it. Celeste kicked one of them in the chest with similar result but Zenn knew they where royally screwed. Even if they managed to get past the two remaining fangs, there would still be the problem of a werewolf blocking the only exit to take care of. Then he saw the computer on the counter.
    “Celeste!” he shouted as he smashed a chair over another thick, vampire head, “get to the computer! Call for help!”
    Celeste darted from the vampire she was fighting and over the counter. Immediately, she grabbed hold of the screen. You could not see it but Zenn knew that behind her black sunglasses, her eyes turned green as her power as a computer-witch allowed her to take control of the software. She had never been especially proud of her power and rarely used or flaunted it, but now she used every ounce of it to scream for help over the cyberspace.
    Zenn smiled as he managed to kill one of the fangs with a piece of the chair he previously destroyed, she would get trough to Hunter, and Hunter would send Inna. Given that he managed to calm her down that is. The Werewolf growled and took a leap from the door unto the counter, and Celeste was still attached to the computer when it got ripped to shreds by hideous werewolf claws. The young, blonde woman collapsed with a high pitched tone before she lay still. Terrified, Zenn realised that Celeste’s mind had still been surfing the cyberwaves when her link to it had been destroyed. For all he knew, she could already be dead.
    With a scream of rage he killed another vampire and flung himself at the werewolf. The last thing he saw before everything went black was a large, fur coated fist coming up to meet him.

    “It got to be there.” Inna said and pointed on a spot on the screen where a map shoed the rundown Scrapper Town, a neighbourhood in Nexus City that not even the police dared to enter, “no other place where they could come and go so easily.”
    Hunter thought it over for a while.
    “But isn’t it a bit obvious?” he then asked, “wouldn’t they know that Scrapper Town is the one place we would search first?”
    “Perhaps,” Inna agreed, “but they can’t be sure, so they can’t afford not to use it either. Even if it isn’t their main base, I bet good money that is where they’ve stashed a large portion of their army.”
    Hunter sighed mechanically and turned off the mapscreen.
    “You may be right,” he said, “how many do you think is in there?”
    “Well,” Inna crossed her arms and counted quietly, “there are about 983 vampires in Nexus, and they could’ve recruited some more just for the war. The werewolves seem to be limited to Pandilla de Lobos, maybe 400 of them. Maybe 1300 give or take.
    The fire shrugged.
    ”Can you take them all?”
    Inna shook her head slowly.
    “I might be able to decimate their numbers a little, but if you’re talking about an all out annihilation I’m gonna need help.”
    Hunter was shocked to hear her words, Inna had always preferred to work alone, he had even been force to order her to take Zenn with her in the beginning. He relished in the memory of the time his two friends finally accepted each other; Inna with her fangs exposed and Zenn with a gun in her face. He had tried to stop them but before he could do anything to tear them from each other they started laughing. Like they’d told a joke he hadn’t heard, Zenn had later told him that both of them just gave up at the same time, they each saw it in the other’s eyes. Now she stood and proclaimed that she would need help? Inna had never cared if she lived or died on a mission, but he suspected that his promise about leaving her alone to live her life was giving her a goal, something that she could only enjoy if she lived trough it.
    “So what do you propose?”
    “The Brotherhood of the Sun would be good to have in our corner.”
    Hunter snorted.
    “They aren’t very fond of you, you know.”
    Inna smiled and nodded.
    “I know, that’s why Zenn will be talking to them.”
    Hunter did not answer at first but then…
    “You’re banking entirely on the fact that they feel guilty for destroying his life, aren’t you?”
    “Actually I’m banking on the fact that they feel that it’s their fault for Zenn joining up with a vampire.” Inna sat down on a chair in front of the screen and rested her head on her arms, “The police of course, and maybe some civilians.”
    “Anyone in mind?” Hunter did not like to take in outside forces to this, especially since he didn’t know of any civilians she did.
    “Yeah, a street fighter who crushed a vampire clan in South Nexus, calls himself “Chain”
    “A vampire hunter? Do you think he will listen to you?”
    Inna laughed.
    “Hell no, but he might be lured to work for us anyway.”
    “How?” Hunter did not like how this was forming up.
    “I’ll figure something out.” The vampire answered calmly.
    Not satisfied with the answer, but realizing that he wouldn’t get anything else out of her, Hunter changed the subject.
    “You do realise that we are building an army that would as soon stake you as talk to you?”
    Inna sighed.
    “Yeah, but it’s all we got.”
    “Very well, I’ll call the police and inform them about the situation, and when Zenn gets back I’ll send him to the Brotherhood. What will you be doing?”
    Inna got to her feet.
    “I’ll go talk to Chain, and then snoop around Scrapper Town, see if I can get some more solid info on their numbers.”
    “As you wish, General Rinasdottir.” Hunter’s fire image flared in a wry smile, “I’ll inform the troops.”
    “Shut up, wire head!” she snarled and went for the exit.
    “Wait!” Hunter suddenly cried out and Inna stopped in her tracks, alarmed by the worried tone in his voice.
    “I’m getting a message from Celeste, but it’s confused. They are being attacked, vampires and…something else. They are in something that she thinks of as Buck’s, she’s babbling about an officer something or other.”
    “There is a coffeehouse called Officer Buck’s in Cop Town,” Inna said, “I’ll check it out!”
    “Hurry!” Hunter urged, “She just got cut off!”
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    Sergeant Thomas Linson hated the predicament he was in. Standing guard over what was once Officer Buck’s, and he knew why he had been picked to do it. Guarding a crime scene in Cop Town was not a pleasant job, you stood there as a monument over how the police had failed to protect and serve, so of course they gave it to the newest guy on the force. He sighed, vampires and werewolves, in Cop Town! Nothing criminal ever occurred there, that’s why it was bloody called Cop Town! Linson’s thoughts were interrupted by a small figure that, ignoring him completely, ripped away the “do not cross”-tape and went into the destroyed coffeehouse.
    “Hey!” He angrily shouted at the figure, “This is off limits to civilians!”
    The figure brushed a hand trough her black hair and turned to look at the officer with a raised eyebrow. Linson was surprised when he saw that is was only a girl.
    “Look, little miss; I know you must think this is very...” He tried, unsure how teenagers talked these days, and also giving his best not to show how Inna’s scarred face disturbed him,” But this is a crime scene!”
    Inna made an irritated face.
    “And I’m investigating a crime scene.” She answered, “Now shut up and let me do my thing.”
    After that, she completely shut the officer out and looked around the destroyed shop. She sniffed the air and picked up traces of Zenn and Celeste’s battle. Officer Buck’s could now be described in three words: splinters, bricks and dust. She sniffed again and smiled, vampire dust. So they had managed to kill at least on of the assailants. She rummaged around in the wreckage and found a trashed computer which bore claw marks, big claw marks.
    “Another one of those oversized mutts.” She mumbled as she touched the splintered counter, suddenly she felt a smell she recognized!
    While Inna had been looking around the scene, Linson had pulled himself together enough to draw is gun and aim it at her.
    “Miss, if you don’t leave now I will be forced to arrest you!”
    Slowly, very slowly, Inna turned with an irritated, but yet polite smile on her lips.
    “Fine, I’ll go if you just answer a couple of questions,” she said, and continued without giving Linson time to answer, “first; you’re not from Nexus, right?
    Unsure what he was supposed to do in a situation like this, Linson nodded.
    ”Right, I’m from New York.”
    Inna nodded to herself.
    “Figures, a small town cop. Next question: You are aware that vampires exist do you?”
    “Yeah, we have them in N.Y too, but not so many as here in Nexus. I was briefed when I got here in proper…”
    “..Conduct and procedure when handling undead assailants,” Inna finished the sentence, “final question: Have any of your new colleges mentioned a girl by the name of Inna?”
    Linson took a step back, the gun firmly pointed at the vampire.
    “Sure, some vampire chick who thinks she’s a hero, pretty good on the eye except for that scar…on...her…shit you’re her aren’t you?”
    “Yeah.” Inna answered and bolted forward with blinding speed and grabbed the gun out of Linson’s hands and, with an almost nonchalant gesture, crushed it to small, metal pieces.
    “Now, “she said, “this good-on-the-eye-vampire chick is going to have a look around and then leave without you giving her anymore grief, or else your face will have lots and lots of scars to show, got it?”
    Linson looked down on his empty hand where just a second ago his gun had been and then nodded silently.
    “Good cop, I’ll get you a damn donut.” Inna snarled.
    Then she once again smelled the air, all the usual smells like blood and vampire dust and a good portion of fear. But beneath all that she sensed a familiar scent, coming from somewhere beneath her. It was Zenn!
    Quickly, she grabbed some of the crushed counter and threw it away, beneath it Zenn was lying unconscious with his face bruised and bloodied. But he was alive, Inna bent down to touch him while she snarled at the clumsiness of the police. She didn’t wanna know hoe many officers had walked right on top of him and pressed that piece of wood down to cause him more pain, but she swore that if she found out, those cops wouldn’t be walking ever again.
    “Call an ambulance!” She shouted at Linson who grabbed his radio but didn’t hail anyone.
    “Doesn’t a vampire regenerate?” he carefully asked.
    “He’s a damn human!” Inna roared and then looked at him and whispered with a soft voice, “a stubborn, foulmouthed, pig of a human.”
    Linson noted that the vampire’s words didn’t match the way she sounded, but didn’t waste time to ask about it. Instead she called the central.
    ”This is Sergeant Thomas Linson, number 343. Need immediate medical assistance, civilian injured.” She explained.
    “Where are you?” came the radioed response.
    “Officer Buck’s in Cop Town, 90th and Osthania.”
    “You’ve got to be joking.”
    “I’m not! Send the damn ambulance!” Linson shouted, angry that the operator seemed more concerned that it had happened something in Cop Town than that there was a human life on the line.
    Inna stroked Zenn’s head, wishing she’d eaten something earlier, the blood on Zenn’s face and what little still ran trough his veins started to smell way to good for her liking. She stood up and turned to Linson.
    “Stay with him until he gets to the hospital and guard him yourself after that! Someone will call you.”
    “But you don’t even know who I am.” Linson protested.
    “A friend of mine does. “ Inna answered, starting to feel the thump of Linson’s heart as something very appetizing. She left the shop and got on her Poison Lilith, as she drove off she called Hunter.
    ”Zenn is injured,” she stated, “no signs of Celeste, either she’s dead or captured.”
    “Damn!” Hunter exploded, “why the hell did they do that? They’ve could’ve attacked you, or even me! Why them!?”
    Inna, having never heard Hunter really angry, stayed quiet as she sped up her bike on the highway, then she explained the obvious.
    “They would have been forced to use a bigger number of their forces to capture me and they couldn’t even find you. So they attacked Zenn and Celeste to make us react like you do now and them do something stupid, like you’re planning to do right now:”
    “And how do you know so much about thing like this?” Hunter raged.
    “I did something similar when I was younger.” That was all of the explanation Hunter received.
    “Damn! This does not fit the mission! They aren’t supposed to react like this!”
    “What?” Inna asked, confused.
    “Montagé never said anything about this! It’s not in the program!” Inna was really getting worried, but decided, against her better judgement, to leave him be.
    He raged on for a while, cursing vampires and shouting names Inna never even had heard of, and then he seemed to calm down.
    “Very well, “he said, sounding like a commander talking to a trooper, “Are you sure she is dead?”
    “If you mean Celeste, I’m sure she’s alive.” Inna answered, happy that their conversation had become less unfamiliar, “Her smell was still there, faint, but still there. If she’d been dead I would’ve felt it then.”
    “So what are you going to do?”
    “First you’ll get me the address to the closest blood bank and then I’ll start searching for Celeste.”
    Hunter where quiet for a time, then his voice returned in her earpiece.
    “There’s a blood bank in St.Panis Street, why do you need it now?”
    “Because it won’t do us much good if I save Celeste and then rip her throat out, will it?”
    “No, I suppose it wouldn’t,” Hunter’s stiff reply made Inna raise her eyebrow, why was he on her like this? “Go and feed Inna, but find Celeste ASAP.”
    And then he broke the connection. Not liking it a bit, Inna searched her mind for the name Montagé. She was sure that Hunter had never mentioned it before.
    “And he always tell you everything doesn’t he?” she mocked herself as she began driving down St.Panis Street, looking for the blood bank. Worry filled her mind, if Hunter snapped on her now the darkness would flood the streets of Nexus City, no way she could take that much on and come surviving out of the battle. Or could she? She had waged a one woman rebellion on Nazlion for a good five hundred years and was still alive, so what was one more war? Sure she would be leading an army of people who hated her but she could pull it off.
    “And someday maybe time will go backwards.” She answered.
    Inna made a face as she got of the bike in front of the Royal Clinic, a fancy name for a building that had never been more than a second rate clinic for those who couldn’t afford to survive their medical treatment. She frowned when she realized that she talked to herself, especially since she was really a bitch to converse with.
    She slunk in to the alley behind the building and looked for a unlocked window, but since you would have to be stupid to live in this neighbourhood and don’t lock and bolt everything down, she would have to rely on cruder methods. She grabbed the window frame and pulled it open as if it had been unlocked, splintering the lower frame in the process. She got in and sniffed around, the scent of blood filled her nose to the point where she couldn’t feel, think or scent anything but that wonderful smell. She opened the refrigerator that held the red treasure and grabbed one of the little bags, greedily she tore one open with her fangs and gulped down the refreshing liquid. The sensation as it trickled down her throat was hard to describe. She remembered Carmina and the life they had shared, remembered how Carmina’s gentle hands caressed her body, the kisses their lips had shared and the white light, brighter than any sun, that had consumed her afterwards. Feeling the blood in her throat was like that, but a million times better. Satisfied for the moment, she threw the bag away and grabbed another to eat later. Couldn’t hurt to be prepared, could it? Then something caught her attention, the cold, sweetish smell of a sword that had been used many times. Then a small ‘click’ when it was drawn, so quietly that a human never would’ve heard it. She moved just in the nick of time before the blade cut the wooden floor where she had been standing moments before. Her claws out, Inna turned to deal with the threat. She was stunned when her eye landed on the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Green eyes, locked on her, perfect, red lips drawn back from perfect teeth in a snarl. Short, red hair framed a determined face with the colour of ivory. The woman’s body was tensed and ready for battle. Small, delicate hands gripped an old sword. Its blade shone like moonlight and gave the same promise of speed and deadliness as its wielder.
    Inna smiled.
    “So,” she started, “you come here often?”

    It was cold, and it smelled like a dungeon. Coming to, Celeste’s battered mind realized that she actually was locked in a dungeon! Very clever, locking her away somewhere without phones or technology to aid her escape, very clever of…who had captured her? She remembered that she had been in a coffeehouse with someone, someone she liked. Maybe her boyfriend? No he had been too old for that, but maybe it was her dad? With a sad smile she remembered that it couldn’t have been her father, because he was dead, killed by those…who had killed her father? Why couldn’t she remember? It seemed like something that you wouldn’t forget, she had fought the killers and their kind. They had been attacking the coffeehouse when she had been there, with her friend, so why the hell couldn’t she remember?!
    Suddenly, a door opened and spread a dim light in the cell. A figure entered the room, a big figure that looked like he went to the gym every day and then some. The man fixed her with his cold, red eyes and smiled a very nice smile.
    “Ms Brigthswood? Are you quite alright?” his voice was nice too.
    “I...I think so.” Celeste stammered, uncertain why she felt uneasy around the man.
    “I hope my friends didn’t hurt you or discomforted you in any way when we rescued you.” The man continued, “I understand that Mr Schendez destroyed the computer while you where jacked in, I do apologize and assure you that he has been severely punished.”
    “Excuse me,” Celeste said quietly, “but who are you and where am I?”
    The man slapped himself with his palm on his forehead.
    “Ah, how rude of me! I apologize for my behaviour. “He made a small bow, “I’m Lord Jonathan Lümich of clan Carian, leader of the nightwalkers in Nexus City.”
    Nightwalkers? Celeste’s mind raced as her memory came flooding back. They had attacked Zenn and herself, and the werewolf had destroyed the computer she had been linked too, ripping her mind from her body. It was common among weaker computer-witches to lose themselves in cyberspace, the procedure to regain a lost spirit was relatively easy, but took a heavy toll on the body, and now she was their prisoner.
    “You’re a vampire!” she exclaimed, “Get away from me!”
    She swung at him but was too weak from the severing of her mind from her body, she fell and prepared to smash her head into the stone floor, but it never happened. Lümich had captured her mid fall and carried her to a bench, where he sat her down.
    “I understand that you don’t trust me, after all, the computer has been telling you lies about us ever since a gang of rogue nightwalkers killed your parents.” He sighed, “I had hoped that you, as the youngest of its group hadn’t been fully indoctrinated with its slander and hate.”
    Celeste pulled away from the vampire; she didn’t know how to react. She was used to vampires trying to kill her, but a vampire being nice to her was more than she could handle.
    “What are you talking about?” she asked, “What is ‘it’?”
    Lümich shook his head, and rose to his feet.
    “No, you must rest now, and later we will talk about why you are here.” He looked around the damp cell, “maybe you would like a bed to sleep in? Instead of this cell?”
    The vampire’s smile made her uneasy, but the promise of a bed sounded beautiful. But Celeste wasn’t about to give herself away as dinner. Lümich seemed to sense this, for he made a gesture to someone she couldn’t see and then turned towards her once again.
    “I understand that you can’t trust us, would it feel better if you where armed?” he asked as a little creature with shaved head and a dirty rag over it’s eyes crawled into the room, it was a pathetic sight with it’s withered body and yellowish skin, it walked on all four but used only it’s legs and one hand, in the other it held a gun. Celeste recognized it as one of Hunter’s designs, it shot miniature stakes. Lümich grabbed the gun from it and then made a gesture to dismiss it, as if it were a trained dog it made a yelping sound and ran out of the cell, he gave her the gun.
    “I assure you that you can keep it aimed at me the whole way from here to your room, and of course I won’t be insulted if you decide to check if it’s loaded. We are, after all, still enemies but I hope I can persuade you that it must not be so.”
    Celeste did check it and was impressed that the fang held his word, she looked at him with hostility .
    “ And I suppose you’ll persuade me with your fang, huh fang?” she spat.
    “I assure you that nothing would be further from my mind,” Lümich answered, calm as a cloud, “But enough of this, you may chose to follow me to your room or stay here, and later we will discuss clan Carian’s surrender.”
    “You will surrender to Hunter?” Celeste said, for the first time more surprised than scared.
    “Of course not.” Lümich exclaimed, “We will discuss our surrender to the humans!”
    Then he started to walk away. Hesitating for a moment, she followed him. They went trough a series of turns and bends and before they walked up the last stair, Celeste was completely lost. The vampire lord opened a door at the top of a stair and the sight filled her with amazement. A ballroom, empty but with such a stunning design and architecture that Celeste knew that if they ever filled the room with people she would cry at the beauty of it. However, Lümich didn’t stop to let her enjoy the sight but kept going until he reached the end of a long, broad corridor. He opened a door and stepped back.
    “Here is your room, I beg your pardon but suspect that you’re please of the fact that I can’t follow you inside.”
    Celeste raised an eyebrow.
    “And why is that? Not very gentlemen like to enter a girl’s room uninvited?”
    The vampire made a small smile and then opened the door and reached into the room with his right hand, it immediately started to smoke and frizzle. It stayed that way until he drew it back with a gasp of pain.
    “You see Ms Brigthswood, “ he gasped, “If a vampire or werewolf enters that room, that poor person will be burned to crisp before he or she can inflict any harm upon you.”
    Celeste was even more surprised than before, but still she wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
    ”And what’s to say that I won’t be burned to crisp when I enter?”
    Lümich sighed.
    “I give you my word, not as a vampire, but as a gentleman that you will not be harmed while in these halls, the whole Carian clan will defend you from any harm.”
    Celeste wasn’t convinced, but decided to give him a chance. She carefully put her arm into the room, not a thing happened. She could feel the cool, soft air in the room but no smoke or frizzling. She sighed, to tired to argue anymore.
    “Fine Lümich, I’ll talk to you later, but I swear upon the Goddess Perfectum that if any of you get in here…”
    “We won’t, Ms Brigthswood.” Lümich said and with a bow he began to leave.
    Celeste closed the door and then she threw herself on the bed, finally relaxing. Filled with thoughts as to why she was treated so friendly and why the fangs wanted to talk to her, she fell asleep. A lone human in a castle of vampires.
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    Is she asleep Jonathan?” the sharp voice asked.
    “Yes, master.” Jonathan answered, not bothering to look behind him, “I expect that she will cooperate.”
    “And you also once expected that Inna would be a short-term problem, I wonder if your expectations aren’t too high this time too, child.”
    Angry, Jonathan turned around to look at his master, old as the city and evil like the devil, Haran Mahmed stood in all his darkness. The long robe that one of the priests from the Brotherhood of the Sun had worn covered his body in a mockery of the Godess Perfectum, tough of Islam when alive, Haran had turned to worship other gods after becoming a vampire, the Tribuna Destructa, the gods that demanded children’s blood and virgin souls for their mass, and a thousand slaughtered innocents in their rites.
    “Inna is unlike other vampires, this you know master.” Jonathan said, “But the witch is something different altogether. She is a human and will soon be shown what kind of master she serves, and rest assured master, even if she should not accept she will bring the doubts back to her kind.”
    Haran made a dismissing gesture.
    “We will see, my child. Now go and rest, for in a fortnight we will send an offering to the Tribuna Destructa, winning this war for sure.”
    As he spoke, he slowly vanished into the shadows, leaving Jonathan Lümich, lord of clan Carian, leader of the vampires, trembling with fear and anger.
    “You will see, master.” His lips made a cruel mockery of the word, “I will win this war before a fortnight has passed and then your Tribuna Destructa will see who the rightful vessel of their power is.”

    The roar of the laughter that filled the hole shook the stars themselves, the Tribuna Destructa relished in the infighting among their pawns. Thinking that one of them could ever be worthy of the awesome powers that belonged to them. But they would fight for it, and they would obey and with any luck the Tribuna would be free to wreak havoc upon the Earth.

    Zenn awoken with the mother of all hangovers in a room that looked suspiciously like a hospital room. The clothes he wore, or not wore, confirmed this. He muttered something and tried to get out of the bed to find his clothes and get the hell out of there, only to find that he couldn’t. He was strapped to the bed!
    “Hey!” He shouted, “Anybody there who wants to help a guy out?”
    A tall man walked into the room. A cop judging by the threads and by the way he looked around the whole room before entering. Zenn smiled, maybe some of them wasn’t corrupted or assholes.
    “Hello sir, “the cop greeted him, “My name is Thomas Linson.”
    “Good to meet you, kid.” Zenn answered, “Can you get me out of here?”
    Linson smiled a short, tense smile.
    “I’m afraid not, “he confessed, “You see, your…co-worker said that I was going to wait here with you until she got back, she likes giving orders doesn’t she?”
    Zenn, understanding fully what the officer meant, sighed.
    “Yeah, she just doesn’t like others to know that she likes it, “he mumbled, “I usually don’t care what she says and do what I want, so let me loose and find me my clothes!”
    Linson took a step back.
    “Now sir, you must stay calm.” He began.
    Zenn interrupted.
    “If you quote the officer’s handbook one more time I swear to the Goddess that I will stuff this bed down your throat!”
    “Sorry, sir.” Linson, “but you can’t do a thing to me while your strapped in that bed, so maybe we could stay civilized?”
    Zenn sighed again, he had hoped he wouldn’t have to do this, but if he didn’t get out of this place soon he would go crazy. He tensed for a second and then snapped his bones out of their sockets and pulled his hands free, thinking of the pain he would feel in a while. When he snapped back the bones in his hands he made a grimace and lectured himself on the subject of ageing and how he should quit doing it. While Linson stood awestruck at him he rummaged around the room until he found his pants and shirt, his coat where nowhere to be found. He cursed loudly, he had really liked that coat, it had been a gift from his wife, before she had divorced him.

    This story will never be concluded since I lost the taste for it. But Inna is featured in this form and her current one in many, many other stories.
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    Enjoyed...immensely I might add! :D
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    Why thank you, since you're the only one that keeps reading these things it must means you really like them:-D
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    You're very welcome :)

    LOL - Yes, I do enjoy reading them. They're really wonderful :)