Debut Fantasy Novels- what have you read?

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    Hello, one and all

    Every now and again it is alot of fun reading the debut novel of an author. This is because they have no track record and while some people only like to read what has been proven so to speak I enjoy reading the unknown. I like it when a novel comes out of nowhere because there is no expectations. So I invite other readers to please post about a debut novel that you have enjoyed. Debut Authors please feel welcome to post as well because let's face it, how on earth is someone ever going to read your book if they don't know it exists?

    I will get the ball rolling and mention Mathion the debut novel of Jeff Shanley and the first book in the Mavonduri trilogy. Mathion tells the story of Mathion the Wolven prince and his white wolf companion Elekan as they journey to the black city to rescue Oharion, Mathion's soon to be half brother.

    Mathion was a really enjoyable read it was really cool having a lord of the rings styled story that was not a knockoff as well as having werewolves as the main antagonists. The author has taken alot of time to write interesting histories for all races of men, werewolves and wolven (which are a kind of super race of were wolf hunters). But what makes this book truly great is that you are not oversaturated with mythology of dozens of races that don't play a big part in the story. This allows the main strength of Mathion to be the characters themselves and the struggles they face.

    Mathion is only available in e-book form but at O.99 it's more than worth it.
    Mathion is available from:

    So what Debut novels have you enjoyed?