Death By Doubt...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    Being broken is a birthright,
    Cut me slow until I take flight,
    Why would you put faith in me?
    Oh, I swear you'll soon see...

    It doesn't matter, all the days we spend,
    Because I will fight to death, the bitter end,
    That's my way and we all know it true,
    That I've always found a way to fight through...

    Believe in me, that's all that I ask, all that I want from you,
    Believe in me, all I ever knew, I've now put my faith in you,
    Don't count me out, not yet, no not yet, here to stay,
    Believe what I say, I fight until the reckoning day...

    Oh, you of little faith, little heart of gray,
    Little know nothing about what you say,
    I strive for a greater cause,
    With tooth, nail, and raking claws...

    Spit blood on the floor and watch hope sprout,
    Just to have someone come and stomp it out,
    I'll lick my wounds and suggest you do the same,
    Chew the stitch until it runs red, I carry the blame...

    I'll set up a banquet just for you to feast on your doubt,
    But it isn't worth my time to be quiet when I can shout,
    And blow away your cloud of question,
    There's your desired confession...
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