Dear America...

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    While you lay comfortably asleep in you bed,
    I lay among the broken, bloody, and dead,
    Awake with eyes shut tight, shells fall like stars tonight,
    And tomorrow morning, I and my brothers will fight...

    For our lives, our freedom, that which you champion so loudly,
    For the God given rights of man which you raise so proudly,
    Yet here I am, alone in the dim fires of midnight,
    War falls around my eyes, I clench my rifle tight...

    The devil sits atop his throne from the remains of my friends,
    And you dare to ask me to simply make amends?
    We will remember our friends, those who came to our side,
    And where the cowards, like you, reside...

    When the flag of old is raised high in victory,
    Friendship between us will be a mystery,
    If the Stars and Stripes do not come down from on high,
    Maybe the Black Flag will come from his bloody perch in the sky...

    So, now, as dawn breaks in the east,
    I go to, with gun in hand, to face the beast,
    And I will remember who came to my side,
    Who came to help men and women turn the tide...

    We will all remember how you sat on the sideline,
    And, in the end, vengeance for such a thing will be mine...