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    Name: Darunia
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Hair: Long brown hair, stops at middle of back, tied back.
    Eyes: Dark blue
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Height: 6 ' 2 '' ft
    Poe's caught: 17

    Weapon: Obsidian greatsword. At a length of 6 feet, this weapon was forged to kill. It gleams a beautiful silver and its red green hilt blends in nicely. Throwing stars are placed in a belt secured around his waist. About 10 of them can be held, or a pouch can be attached to hold more.

    Strengths: Running and landing. Outwitting the opponent mentally rather than physically.
    Weakness: Weak against all magic, weak telekenisis power.

    Magic: All he possesses is the power he was born with, and he still isnt that good with it. Telekenisis, the ability to move an object mentally. If he focuses his power, he can lift a throwing star and shoot it at an enemy.

    Appearance: Stern features, easily recognisable. Long hair that is tied back and sometimes let loose to drop down the sides of his face. He wears black leather boots and black trousers (pants.) No armour on. He wears fingerless gloves with metal around them to secure that they dont come off easily. He has a wide chest and thick leg muscles, his arms are roughly the same as the rest of his body but he is no muscle, macho man. His black top is frayed at the top.

    Personality: Can get along well with many people but the people who don't get along with usually are the ones that he doesn't get along with at all. When in battle, is uses cunning to outsmart his opponent instead of straight on brute force. He detests rats and can't stand Horses that do not go to their command when told to do so. He loves the rain and spends his time picking mushrooms in forests ocasionaly to sell them on to merchants.

    History: There is not much to the background of this character, he was born and is still living on at the age of 20. His parents moved away when he was 11, they never returned which left him in questions. He wondered where they traveled to and why they never came back, they just told him they were going for a trip to the market...maybe a uthanism for where they were heading. His sister has always been with him, she is 17 and lives in a small town on the outerscirts of the land.