Darkness Fades...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    And now, sunlight tears through my skull and I stand here amazed,
    It rips, it burns, it scorches the Earth and, today, darkness fades,
    Shredded by a glorious light, oh it surrounds and sets me on fire,
    With thick black smoke under my spread wings, take me higher...

    Higher than the mountain tops, capped with with ash not snow,
    Burnt away, an entire generation of bloodthirsty rats sunk low,
    By a fire, so pure and so clean, engulf me now and take me away,
    Because to know you is to leave, and I'll be damned if I stay...

    The heathens, they cut at my skin and gouge out my eyes,
    Cut out my tongue, it won't can't stop my song reaching for the skies,
    Filthy, putrid lust-filled maggots full of hatred and loathing,
    Not those who surround me, but my very own clothing...

    I've immersed myself in a culture of hypocrisy and hatebreed,
    And I look at myself in the mirror and scream "Why do I hate me",
    Shatter the glass, and let shards dig deep my skin,
    Everyday I'm born, but by nightfall I just die again...

    Oh, I don't want to go on in this life, to live,
    But this life is not mine, it is not mine to give,
    So I'll take hold, cling to the sharp rocks that bite,
    Grip tighter as dusk nears, wait for dawn's first light...

    To burn away all things again, and let me take flight,
    Tear away a garment of sin, no longer a creature of the night,
    And though they will not tolerate me, if I am struck down by their blades,
    I know that what awaits me is the final morning when darkness fades...