Dance Of Death - IronMaiden

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    20+ years have past since the mighty band hit the metal scene, yeah, thats right, 20 years of blistering top notch metal! And what has came out of it this time, is it still that amazing sound we heard when Maiden first started? (well, actually I wasnt around then, but I have thier debut album:))
    Well the long awaiting Dance of Death (Or DoD) album has finally come, 4 years since the band's last studio album. It looks to be a hit, But is it?

    Damn right it is, from the blisteringly powerful Wildest Dreams, Montsegur and New Frontier, to the more melodic songs of Dance of Death and JournyMan.

    This album is somewhat more differse than alot of Maiden older album, Pashendale is something completely new from the band, yet still in classic Maiden style, possibly the bands best song ever, that's for you to decide of course!
    Journyman is definatly something new, beautifully melodic riffs, enchantingly played, soft and well...enchanting!

    The only let down is possibly, the cover, it is atrotious, which is why music is not about the front cover. (although pop is some-what different to that) And maybe some of the worse tracks, Gates of Tommorow and Age of Innocence are possibly the weakest links, otherwise, it is another spectacular album from the spectacular IRONMAIDEN!