Cyclonus v Madmartigan: Doodle Juxtaposition

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    Cyclonus is the wily evil 'first-knight' robot of the evil Decepticon robots who contend with the heroic Autobot robots from the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) fantasy-adventure franchise Transformers (Hasbro).

    is the wandering swordsman and mercenary from the Ron Howard/George Lucas fantasy-realm American film Willow.

    Cyclonus is a wolfish warrior robot who transforms into a laser-enhanced futuristic jet-fighter. Madmartigan is a human-sized human swordsman legendary for his skills at survival and fighting.

    I was originally going to post this as a Fan-Fic, but the real magic of this offbeat juxtaposition is that both these fantasy-world avatars symbolize fighting skills as well as social insight.

    So instead, here's a quick short-story to set the tone background for the cut-and-paste collage fun shown below.



    Madmartigan stepped inside Dr. Wily's teleportation device and realized he was transported to Cybertron, planet of the evil Decepticon robots where he came out much larger in size (equivalent to the other Decepticon giant robots fortunately). All Madmartigan had was his trusted broadsword and his wits. He decided to roam around Cybertron claiming he was a time-traveller here to show the Decepticons the sheer bravado of a humanoid giant swordsman carrying a very heavy metal weapon (the broadsword).

    Madmartigan was brought before the court of Galvatron, evil leader of the Decepticons, who was pleased with Madmartigan's bold presentation of his heavy metal broadsword and his strange but intriguing claim that he was a time-traveller. Galvatron explained to the enlarged human swordsman that the Decepticons were always seeking to outwit their rivals, the democracy-minded Autobots, and the two forces were going to battle each other on Earth.

    Madmartigan was in his special cell in the Decepticon fortress drinking hot water when Cyclonus, Galvatron's first-knight and arguably the Decepticon's most wily robot, entered to talk to Madmartigan.

    CYCLONUS: Why are you so boastful about your broadsword, Madmartigan?
    MADMARTIGAN: Well, Cyclonus, it's the most trusted piece of heavy metal I own.
    CYCLONUS: Amusing. Are you jealous of us robots, completely made of metals?
    MADMARTIGAN: Maybe. However, you robots have lasers, and I prefer swordplay.
    CYCLONUS: You have the look of a wanderer or mercenary.
    MADMARTIGAN: Perhaps you and I will fight together someday (if you leave Galvatron).

    Madmartigan walked back through the teleportation portal and ended up back on Earth in his own time and realized Earth was alright. He thought that the Autobots must have defeated the evil Decepticons, thereby thwarting any plan to alter Earth's destiny in bizarre ways. Madmartigan raised his broadsword and looked at it, relieved he was back to his normal human size, and said to himself, "Cyclonus was my twin!"