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    Name: Crys Lightfoot
    Age: 46
    Race: Elf
    Class: Archer / Evlen Swordsman
    Appearence: Crys is about 6'3'' with long, straight, white hair that reaches his lower back. He is of a sleek build, and has a deep green hue to his eyes. He wears greens so as to tread in the forests safely, and without being seen. He wears light boots, and no actual armour, as he feels he can kill before the enemies approach.
    Personality: Crys is a kind man, and he enjoys the company of others, though his patients has a limit, if taunted, he will loose his temper, which can prove quite unhealthy. He has the experience of battle, and the knowledge of those long dead.
    History: Crys was raised well, being of Royal blood. He had once been heir, but that's all changed now. When he was not but 6, he would have had taken the thrown, but it was not to be. His cousin, The 'Loved King' is anything but. He took the thrown from him, as bother King and Queen were killed in a regicide.

    His uncle, the Duke, had taken his son, the King, to the thrown before Crys had had chance enough to do so. And so, being the first blood realitive to sit on the thrown, he'd taken power.

    The King was young too however, and so, easily swayed. His father, now longer a Duke, but the King's second, has ruled the lands more than the King himself. Both King and his second are a malitious group, and they feed on pain.

    Crys was cast away to hid the theiving of the thrown and so, now he fight on, to regain his kingdom, and free it from war.

    Weapon of Choice: A Mirkwood compisite bow, and two, dark-steel curved elven blades, each engraved with his haritage in elven script.
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