Crusade begginings and Massacre at Ironblood

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    I think this goes here. I've been into the game Warhammer 40k lately and being a fluffnut, as I'm called by the more diehard gamers, I love having a story behind whats happening and having a more cinematic version of the battle. I'm hoping to improve my writing through this so if I could get critique and comments they would be most appreciated. :)

    A figure wearing black robes climbs a spiral staircase and opens the door on top. Inside the room, a great library, a giant sits on a massive couch rereading an equally large book. With the creak of the door the giant looks up.

    "My lord", the hooded figure speaks in a hushed tone. With a great booming bass the giant speaks,"Yes, Master Librarian?"

    "Pardon me for interrupting your studies, but I sense... invaders in the Kar-meigh system system my lord. The Fallen are there."

    The giant closes the book, stands up, and with thunder in his steps he places the book gingerly back on its shelf.

    "Well, so it shall be. Who else knows this information?"

    "None sir, even Grand Master Azrael is in the dark on this one."

    "Mobilize our forces Librarian, this one will not escape us." After a moment the giant continues, "Why do you hesitate?"

    "There is weak space there, my lord. I... I sense..." The hooded figure put his hand over his face and paused for a moment,"Xeno's have invaded the system my lord. There is something else, but that is all I can discern from the rest of the warp ramblings."

    The giant grits his teeth, "Xeno's... Librarian, pass the message along to deploy the Shadows immediately and get as much information as you can"

    "Yes sir." The librarian said and retreated down the staircase.

    "Brother Armanados! How good to see you!"

    Oh brother, Armanados thought."Hey, Brother Jin. It's been awhile. Do you carry news?"

    "Yes brother I do! Get your gear clean, we're headed out within the week it would seem."

    "Any idea why?"

    "No idea, you know Master Filius doesn't tell us these things, but there are rumors swirling all over the place. Some even say daemons have made an incursion into this plane again."

    Both Brothers had a sly smile on their faces. It had been a long time since they had their share of daemon blood, the memory of it spewing over their helmets was one they had cherished.

    "Bah", Armanados chuckled while shaking his head, "They're just rumors, you should know better than to believe them."

    Brother Jin let out a great booming laugh that shook glass, "I do know that brother, but keep your rifle clean, methinks there will be some good hunting soon. Take care brother, I must deliver the news to the others."

    Armanados opened his letter and read what Master Librarian Ryskin had to say. He couldn't read through the lines any more information than what Brother Jin had expressed. Oh how he wished to be an Ultramarine, their librarian you could read through like the rhetoric wasn't even there. Armanados left his barracks to see how many others shared Brother Jin's excitement. As soon as he opened his door he heard the sound of marching feet, hundreds of them. "Close enough JIn, close enough. The guard is mobilizing itself as well. This is going to be big whatever it is."
    "Captain! The viewports are showing colonies with alien architecture. Our computers recognize these as Tau." A young man in a blood red flak vest exclaimed.

    "Tau? What are they doing here? Lieutenant power up the shields and get the missile pods and cannons online on the double."

    Viewports showed the Battle Brothers alien architecture rising high on several planets surfaces. None of them the planet they were going to but it still sent a chill up Brother Armanados's spine.

    "Brother-Elder, are we in-system?"

    Brother-Elder Shi looked at him with a scowl on his face. His gruff voice filled Armanados' com system, "Yes we are Brother."

    Tense minutes passed before the craft shuddered as it entered the atmosphere of their destination.

    "All troops prepare for landing. LZ is cold but could get hot in a hurry, Captain out."

    The marines leapt out at full stride, ready for anything. It was evening on the planet, the stone of the courtyard lit by lamps arranged in a symmetrical pattern around it and a fountain lit up in the middle. A small unarmed Tau looked in their direction, obviously shocked at the amount of force coming out of the craft. The marines quickly surmised the situation and put their bolt rifles to the side and awaited further orders. They didn't need to wait long as a voice, known to the marines a Guardian-Brother Fennigan, came over their helmets com system, "The aliens have not laid seige to the city yet, their water caste members are currently negotiating a treaty to take this planet bloodlessly. Brother-Elder Shi and Gorin take your squads to the west where I will accompany you, Brother-Elder Jui North, Brother -Elder Norcom South, Brother-Elder Halfax east. The Pyre Phalanx will be along shortly to aid in defending the city and establish a corrider of Basilisk artillery to pound anything the aliens do. This planet will be ours and the Tau will learn they do not take from the Emperor. Fennigan out."

    Brother-Elder Shi and Brother-Elder Gorin immediately headed west, Brother Armanados followed behind Brother-Elder Shi. At the sight of the Guardian-Brother they halted and saluted him. He returned the salute and began to issue orders.

    "The Shadows have hit some of the alien's scout drones and have been disabled near the edge of the Old Ruins sector of the city. We need to retrieve them if we wish to see what they feel the need to look at. There are four drones scattered about the Old Ruins, we need to collect at least two of them. This situation calls for combat squads men, each five man team needs to locate and retrieve a drone. The Rhino Expediency will be accompanying Alpha and myself while Bravo, Charlie, and Delta will be footslogging. The Predator Exterminatus Hereticus will sit back and provide support if the situation gets messy. Assault Team, keep with Delta and counter-charge if necessary. There is a military force of Tau planetside so this aint a cakewalk gentlemen, stay frosty and lets move out."

    Brother Armanados moved with Delta Team and kept pace with his superiors. He felt lucky to have been chosen for the Brother-Elders Combat Squad, but even so these Tau were completely alien to him. He hoped Fennigan knew more about these creatures than he did. The team set up camp on the peak of a hill. "Hmm... Tau already know about these drones", commented Shi as he relayed the information to Fennigan. Fennigan's voice barked over the comm set, "Stay put, this is prolly just a patrol. Stay low"

    They stayed there most of the night, scouting out the terrain in their Combat Squads and located the drones. At about 0650 a sound lit up the field, a distant boom. An explosion hit the Assault Team and fragments spattered against Armanados's armor. A second boom and a bright light appeared above his head that blotted out the rising sun and he was forced back as he was pelted with hot metal. "Argh", Armanados growled as his vision returned. Two brothers had fallen and lie still and the Brother-Elder had a pool of blood beginning to form around his prone figure. He could see where their armor had been penetrated in fifty places by the explosion. "Arman, Gerry; inform high command.!" Armanados tried to raise them on his comm but got static. "We're jammped", Gerry said as Armanados and Gerry began to run at full speed towards the city.

    "That's a tank?" Tank Commander Arnold Einsphar commented as it pulled into his view. "Well not for long. FIRE!" A thunderous roar from the Predator's autocannon resoundedthrough the vehicle, followed by another. The smoke cleared to see that the hovering Tau vehicle hadn't been scratched. "Move into a covering position for Charlie" a voice over his helmet said and he commanded the tank be moved forwards to cover Charlie's advance towards the nearest drone. "Launch the missile, fire the heavy guns and the main cannon, bring that sucker down!" The weapons roared.

    "Blast it" Fennigan thought before saying, "Move out we move for the objectives now, Brother Carnold get your flamethrower ready. Beta go for the near objective, we'll head to the far one." The APC moved out from behind a ruined building and its engine roared as it surged forwards across the battlefield.

    "This is it boys, time to take our first look at these -" Fennigan began to say but was cut off as he was thrown forwards as the cockpit of the vehicle was blown off.

    "Emperor damn it" He swore, "Let's go!" Fennigan hopped out followed by his squad and was immediately hit was several rounds of alien munition. His armor withstood all of them and he could hear the munitions ping off of Alpha's armor as well. He began to charge towards the objective before ducking behind a pile of scrap metal whose previous form couldn't be recognized. He looked over to Beta Team and saw the muzzle flash from their rifles and heard the barking noises that they made. We have suppression fire, he got up and moved onwards with his team.

    Brother Argent of Beta team knew shit had hit the fan when he felt the Rhino get its cockpit blown off. The building shook from the pulse rounds that were incoming. He rushed to a window and took aim at one of the xenos and fired. A brown creature with spindly arms and legs and a great big lower jaw dropped and exploded in a shower of gore as the bolt round detonated. Fennigan had gotten out he could see and was using their hail of fire as cover. A large explosion to his right shook the building and rattled them. Immediately he swapped to the nearest window and saw the Predator drowning in flames with a Tau tank inbound on their position, firing and gunning marines down with its burst cannons and main gun. "Time to haul the drone off and fall back," he heard on his comm.

    Guardian-Brother Fennigan saw this situation was hopeless as a multitude of brown skinned beasts began to swarm towards his marines. These aliens had powerful weapons and tendencies and they were ill suited to fight them here. Alpha took casualties as repeated pulse shots managed to punch holes in their armor. He personally dragged one of his boys over his shoulder and assisted Beta in lifting the objective and retreating to the city with it.

    "This does not end here."