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    In the World, Not of the World
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    So you think you can swing on me without retaliation?
    Take shots at my lyrics just because I'm Caucasian,
    Alright, fine, you had your chance now sit down and shut up,
    I'll show you that your wrists ain't the only thing that gets cut up...

    Hey, my name is Josh, and I'm from the South,
    And people use that as an excuse to run their mouth,
    "Well gee he must be ignorant and uneducated,"
    But, just like so many others, you've underestimated...

    Don't know the first thing about me but you want to keep your bitching,
    The lyrical nine is locked and loaded and my trigger finger is itching,
    Enough with corny metaphors and curbing emotion,
    Now watch as these words kick your ass in slow motion...

    I'm sorry, but you know the way it goes,
    "I got so many problems, and nobody knows!"
    Please, tell us all about it, and cry on my shoulder,
    Or take a toe tag and be another case in a folder...

    Either way, you're a coward who flaunts it,
    Attention, man he craves it, he wants it,
    Just like any other little young adult, give him some pills,
    So he can forget the world and the way that he feels...

    There's nothing like a nice dose of self-pity to get the day started,
    I'm sorry but my mind is a little rough and not for the fainthearted,
    I don't curb the truth or gloss it over with compassion,
    So take this whiny bitch to the curb in orderly fashion...

    You think you're so real but I can see through you,
    Another little kid who can't take what I give to you,
    Must be why you stand up for other cowardice dastards,
    Go on, cover that emotion in blood and get plastered...

    In the end, you control you and no one else,
    If you hang yourself with nooses or belts,
    That is really up to you in the end,
    As for me, my patience has thinned...

    Tired of this political correct, uppity bullshit,
    And you're going to wear the boot because it'll fit,
    That you are a cookie cutter cutout of what I hate,
    A sorry-ass existence of someone who could've been great...

    No respect for yourself or others,
    Sisters, mother, dad, or brothers,
    All you care about is you, because that's what it revolves around,
    Pity and attention is music to you, and you want that sound...

    Go on, get mad, go on, get riled up and pissed off,
    Then go cry about it, take a bottle of pills and jerk off,
    And I don't need your respect, in fact I prefer to do without,
    It's a matter of time before you are the one that takes you out...

    Yo, just like my father, you're just a hapless victim,
    I wish I had some pitbulls so I could sick them,
    Right on your ass and make you know what it's really like to hurt,
    Your mother and father gave you life, a chance that don't exert...

    Listen to me, you ignorant, unlearned s.o.b.,
    The only way you can diss me is to be me,
    I tried to give you some rope, and you went and tied it round your throat,
    Proceeded to take the plunge off your soap box, and that's all she wrote...

    You're dead to me, might as well be,
    Because you don't know "Who we be",
    But I'll be damned if I'm going to be hit up by guy touting suicide,
    Life is one Hell of a trip, best to shut up and enjoy the ride...

    Don't ever tell me who I am or what I am... Ever. ****ing coward...