Costume/Creature Designers Needed for Film

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    Hey everyone! My name is Garrett Gilchrist. I'm a filmmaker in Southern CA. There's a very small possibility you know me from my documentary DVD about the Star Wars deleted scenes, Deleted Magic, or my other films.

    Right now I'm working on an overambitious sci-fi film, my eighth feature, to be called Flowers For a Dying Sun. It has some humor in it, somewhere between the original Star Wars and Red Dwarf, and I've been needing costume and creature designers for that film. I don't have much money - I've always shot my films for nothing - and this time round I really need great costumes, and I need to find some really talented people who want to work on a great film. It's intended to be a "short feature" - somewhere between 40 and 90 minutes.

    A bit about me - I'm a USC graduate, I've directed seven features and thirty shorts. I began doing all comedy, but moved into drama and fantasy, and animation.

    If you're on a fast connection or have some time to kill, this is a trailer for my last feature, a romantic drama called Gods of Los Angeles.

    This is a 5-minute fantasy film I did called The Journey of Truesong. It was shot on black and white 16mm as a student film. It's inspired by Jim Henson's The Storyteller if there are any Henson fans out there.

    I'm redesigning my sites as we speak, but you can visit them at


    If you're in the San Diego or Los Angeles areas, I'd be interested in auditioning people for acting roles also.

    I am also looking for CGI artists (or even model builders) to bring the ships to life, the Silver Lizard and the Gryphonskin. Finally, I am also looking for people who could help create the sets for the film.

    You can email me at tygerbug at

    But back to costumes. Here's a list of characters for the film, with notes on costuming.

    LATHROCK - Main villain of the film. A warped and frightening commander. His hands are robotic claws - his face is a mask of circuitry in the shape of a bull's skull. It is unclear whether he is all machine, or partly a man. His eyes glow red. He wears a black cloak.

    GUNSON, PENSER AND ALLREY - The crew of Lathrock's ship. All three wear some military armor, and strange distorted helmets that make them look fearsome. They are not evil, just doing their jobs.

    CAPTAIN JERRELYN ERRIS - The captain of the starship Silver Lizard, she is fiercely devoted to her job, to the point of having no time for social niceties. Beautiful but tough as nails and mean as sandpaper, she can be difficult to deal with, yet there is a heart under that tough exterior.

    TINGO WARKSY - 24 years old, a janitor on the starship, long-haired, innocent-eyed, childlike and dirty. He is a nice guy, and will be forced to be a hero. He wears a janitor's jumpsuit.

    CURTSIN TEDOPE - Curt is 25 years old, also a janitor on the starship, but much better groomed and put together than Tingo. He clearly thinks he's made for better things than cleaning toilets. He has a huge crush on Captain Erris, even though she constantly chews him out and threatens him. He wears 40s-like military clothing in beige and a matching beige tie.

    CIELA TARROCK - Ciela is 22 years old, dressed all in white and yellow with pearls - her beauty and distantly noble bearing suggest that she is the heir to a long lost kingdom. Her clothing is old-fashioned, like that of an ancient princess. She will fall for Tingo.

    MARDOL TARROCK - Mardol, Ciela's father, is 57 years old. He was once a king but has forgotten his noble ways and become a man of the earth. His clothing and rugged aged face shows that he is noble but works hard all day .... an exile in the hot sun.

    ZERBIE - Ciela and Mardol's pet robot. Small and rusty.

    The following may be live action or animation:

    LUCKY XENON - Lead character of the TV show Lucky Xenon and the Black Hole Battlers, which Tingo watches and loves. Lucky wears a white football-like helmet, white boots and a blue and white costume with a large "X" on it. He brandishes a zap gun. He is 36 years old and gruffly handsome. He is a spoof of Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon.

    DEIRDRE - Deirdre is Lucky Xenon's lovely sidekick and first mate. She 26 years old, beautiful and very blonde. Her hair is ironed straight. She wears pink spandex, bracelets, a charm necklace, bracelets and a bit too much eye makeup. She also wears boots and looks like a relic from the 60s. She has a high, squeaky voice.

    SLIME MONSTER - Villain on the Lucky Xenon show. May be a puppet or animation. Supposed to be eight feet tall. It has one huge eye on a stalk, tiny arms, flat feet, and an enormous jagged-toothed mouth which makes up most of its body. It is green and slimy, and covered in a kind of steam.

    THE BEARDED QUEEN - Villain on the Lucky Xenon show. Vaguely Asian and masculine, somewhere between a man and a woman. With a beard and moustache, wearing high-collared red robes.

    Do not reply to this message, as I may not be checking these boards. Just email me.

    If you're interested, you can email me at tygerbug at