Coming Home...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    One too many nights spent alone in my head,
    Only two kinds of folks, the dying and the dead,
    They come and they go, I don't question why,
    Because no one answers, no one from the sky...

    I'm tired of the liars, having to pretend to care,
    My eyes are brown, my heart heavy, and my skin fair,
    I've been gone for far too long,
    Demons sing a song and I sing along...

    Sit round the hellfire, burning souls like candlelight,
    Stars in a clear night sky, those that lost the fight,
    All dim and growing dimmer,
    In the end, we all burn and simmer...

    My prayers just didn't make it,
    Sit in the pews and just fake it,
    And for all this distance between us,
    There is still so much more beneath us...

    So many things I just cannot forget,
    Too many people I can't forgive,
    I've had a sip of what this world has to offer,
    And I've been told to just leave it all on the altar...

    I just want to run, to a land of nowhere,
    Where our hearts aren't ruled by fear,
    All that we've been through,
    I just want to come home to you...

    I haven't changed a bit, and never will,
    And as long as it beats, this heart loves you still,
    Until it grows still, all these things in my head,
    Things that I shunned, now lay in my bed...