Coming clean

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    For many years through many tears
    Downing pills, sedatives and beers
    Just to try and be free
    Sedated in my own ecstasy

    Suicidal thoughts every day
    Debating with in myself whether I should stay
    I have taken a knife to myself
    Over dosed and nearly destroyed my health

    Here I am still alive
    From one year to the next I don't know I survive
    From a young age I needed a escape from reality
    In my world with out a TV

    I have used and abused things to be mentally far away
    To forget about the pain from yesterday
    Anything for that high
    To release me from this sorrow and the many times I cry

    Deep down inside I wonder why
    I must stay yet others pass away and go to the sky
    Peace will never be no matter where I go
    I'm alone in this world I know this so

    It's night time and I'm awake
    Please let the thoughts leave for goodness sake
    Again I crave to take my life
    There is no light and no future wife

    People lie and people steal
    My heart is destroyed and will never heal
    So I look for the next drug
    To ingest but hide under the rug

    I just can't handle the pain
    My life is nothing but dark clouds and forever rain
    It's true but there is nothing I can do
    My life is a disaster, how are you?