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    X-Men 3.

    "We can officially confirm that Bryan is off 'X3', and that the project is moving forward," said a studio spokesperson. Who will they go with instead? We'll soon see.

    Singer who wrote and directed both X-Men movies will still write Marvel Comics' "Ultimate X-Men". He's planning a year-long run on the series, set to begin in mid-2005.


    The search is on for a young male actor to play the Man of Steel. But is there also a search on concurrent to the one for Superman to find the father of Clark Kent?

    Auditions for the part of Jonathan Kent, one-half of the husband-wife couple that discover the baby Superman and raise him as their son Clark, are underway and they know of one actor that has tried out for the part: John Saxon. Genre-wise, Saxon is probably best known for playing the part of Lieutenant Thompson in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, the father to Heather Lengenkamp's Nancy character. The 69-year-old actor has a long list of credits and chances are if you've seen a few late night movies, you've seen Saxon's work. He's appeared in BLACK CHRISTMAS, ENTER THE DRAGON, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, BLOOD BEACH, BEVERLY HILLS COP III and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN just to name a few of his better known roles.

    The actor auditioned for the part in Los Angeles last week and was hopeful that his work would meet with the approval of SUPERMAN director Bryan Singer. We may be reading too much into this but one interesting aspect of the scoop was that the part was referred to as being "Pa Kent" and not "Jonathan Kent" as the character is referred to on SMALLVILLE. If indeed the character is being written as Pa Kent that would be congruent with the character's name in Richard Donner's 1979 movie (as played by Glenn Ford.) An insider also drops the names of other prospective pops that auditioned for the part, namely Gary Cole, Robert John Burke and Keith David. is reporting the story that, according to a source that they spoke with, one of Bryan Singer's cast member from the X-MEN films is his first choice for the part of Superman's father in the new SUPERMAN film. The site claims that Singer wants Patrick Stewart to play Jor-El, the doomed Kryptonian scientist and father of baby Kal-El, the child that he would send to Earth and be raised as Clark Kent. "I think what the deal is is that they want to surround an unknown with slightly more marketable names," explained the contact, referring to Singer's alleged desire to cast an unknown actor in the role of the new Superman.

    Daniel Cudmore, Colossus himself, (X2) auditioned for the Superman role in Vancouver. With experience of playing one man of steel and standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Cudmore has the physical appearance THE Man of Steel! The advantage he has over others is that he's not that well known. He can next be seen in the upcoming films Alone in The Dark and Are We There Yet? Cudmore has signed a deal to appear in X-Men 3 although according to his rep FOX haven't exercised their option yet.

    Actor Vin Diesel has posited some thoughts on how he would approach the character of Lex Luthor, if offered it, in The Daily Record: "Lex Luthor has an interesting character arc and if we could spin on the Superman concept and make something more interesting of this other dude, maybe a guy who used to be a street thug with a very keen mind, then he could be a cool ***** in his own right. You know, if I ever got that part, then I'd rip it. In fact, if I ever played Lex Luthor, the film would be called Lex Luthor - Lex Luthor and this crazy-arse Superman."


    Ron Perlman and Selma Blair talked to OutNow.CH about their involvement in the sequel. "I will be in part two!" Blair said. "Liz has her strengths finally. She would better be in part two! I'm signing on to do it and I think we are shooting in one year. Probably in Prague, maybe Berlin even." When asked about the story, she replied, "Top secret. I swore myself to secrecy. I think it's going to be very beautiful. And Liz is going to be much more powerful in this one. She has to be. She sure didn't bust out a lot of moves in the last one in the end."

    Perlman claims he's seen as somewhat less trustworthy: "They don't let any of their secrets out on me. I think that they really regard me as this 14-year old irresponsible adolescent, who the minute is told a secret to, is just going to be blabber all out on the internet. I'll probably find out about it, as we are shooting."


    MGM and the producers of Stargate SG-1 are considering a new feature film that would release direct to DVD, according to reports. The show's cast and crew have mentioned the project at more than one convention over the past few weeks, and co-executive producer Joseph Mallozzi confirmed to GateWorld that the project is currently being considered -- but isn't a sure thing yet.

    The story currently being considered is set in the show's second season. Actor Christopher Judge told fans at July's Vulkon convention that he's interested to see how they will get the cast looking like they did six years ago.


    Witchbladewas licensed to the Japanese studio Gonzo Digimation (Blue Submarine #6, Last Exile, Burst Angel) for the production of a 26-episode anime TV series. Gonzo will drop the character of Sara Pezzini, the heroine of the American comics and TV series, in favor of a Japanese policewoman, who comes into possession of the mystical blade.


    sir Ben Kingsley will play evil vampire king Kagan, joining Terminator 3 actress Kristanna Loken in the big-screen adaptation of Majesco's game BloodRayne,

    The film – which opens production on location in Romania next month – will be helmed and funded by Uwe Boll, who has raised $47 million through the German film fund Boll KG 4. He joins

    Set in 18th century Romania, the plot follows Rayne (Loken) , who has a human mother and a vampire father who shunned her. She is struggling with her existence, but has managed to develop a rather serious chip on her shoulder when it comes to dad. Teaming with two vampire hunters, she sets out to destroy Kagan before he manipulates the earth into darkness, allowing the vampires forever.

    If it sounds a little like the story behind Blade, well, you're probably just thinking too much. For those who can't wait for the movie, which doesn't yet have a release date, you can rest easy knowing that BloodRayne2 hits retail stores in October. For what it's worth, Boll seems to have a videogame/movie fetish, having directed House of the Dead, based on the Sega videogame, and Alone in the Dark, starring Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff, based on the Atari game.


    The movie, based on the popular and edgy comic, may shoot in Vancouver this Fall with one additional week being done in either Saskatchewan or Texas. No word if James Marsden is still attached to play the title role.

    City of Heroes

    Scooping up 180,000 players in less than four months, the massively multiplayer online role-playing games is so popular that its distributor, Ncsoft North America, announced it would be releasing a companion comic book to augment the stories unfolding online.

    "This is indicative of the enthusiasm that is building around the City of Heroes property in the three and a half months since we launched the product," said Robert Garriott, president of NCsoft North America. "We’re thrilled to partner with CDS. They have excellent experience and a proven track record in the book publishing and distribution business."
    The first book, The Web of Arachnos, won't hit shelves until the end of 2005, but the company announced that it would deal with the origins of Statesman, the main good guy in Paragon City.


    Screenwriter David Self has been hired to rewrite the screenplay for DEATHLOK, the Paramount Pictures film based on the Marvel Comics series and character. Self will work from the draft penned by writers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner. It's not the first time that Self has immersed himself in the world of Marvel; he also wrote the screenplay for Universal's proposed NAMOR movie.

    The Hollywood Reporter mentions that director Paul McGuigan is rumored to be the top candidate that Paramount and Crystal Sky Productions want to direct the movie now, even though no negotiations have took place between the WICKER PARK helmer and the producers.

    For those out there that walk by comic stores, DEATHLOK is the name of the half-man, half-machine cyborg created by scientists. Programmed as the military's ultimate soldier and killing machine, the man inside the machine turns out to have been an ordinary family man who would like nothing more than to return to his loved ones. However, the artificial intelligence in Deathlok's mind is programmed to follow orders and so the two thinking personalities clash over their shared future.

    Alien vs. Predator R-Rated DVD

    Horror fansite Bloody-Disgusting received word that Paul W.S. Anderson participated in a recent Q&A at a Alien vs. Predator screening in which the movie's writer and producer revealed that he had quite different plans for the theatrical release.

    About the studio's cutting of the film, which he had no control over, he said, and I quote, "All of the best scenes were cut."

    Anderson was obviously very annoyed at the way the film was released. However, this was not purely because of the PG-13 limitation, which incidentally, the studio enforced THREE WEEKS before the release date! It was always going to be R until then. Part of the reason for the cutting was that some of the effects were not ready by the time the release date came around. The effects team had very little time to do anything.

    As far as the content that was cut, apparently we see all those who die, die on screen, but he also said that there is a sub-plot that we will have to wait for on DVD. Yes there will be an R-rated Director's cut DVD although they don't know the release date yet.

    Neon Genesis: Evangelion

    Neon Genesis: Evangelion to become a live-action American feature film adaptation of the Japanese anime series

    The film is on hold for the moment because they are in talks with several big names to direct. I didn't get the list on who those names were, but I did get some interesting casting ideas. She told me that Hugo Weaving would make a great Gendo (Shinji's father) and Jennifer Garner as Misato.

    As for the roles of Shinji, Rei and Asuka, she said they would probably cast relative unknowns who were around 14 to 15.


    Hollywood North Report says "Hollow Man 2" will begin filming October 18th thru December 3rd 2004 at Vancouver Film Studios under the direction of Claudio Faeh.

    The film, set to be produced by David Lancaster ["Riding the Bullet"], and Greg Malcolm ["Riding the Bullet"], is believed to be a direct sequel to the first film, again centering on the same character. The role is being recast though this being a direct to video sequel and all.

    The site also has a couple of other sequel updates : "Critters 5" and "Critters 6" looks set to lens later this year, "Underworld 2" is aiming for a Feb start at Mammoth Studios and "Dog Soldiers 2" are going to invade the cams in Feb.