Chronicles of Galianth

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    In honor of Write a Novel November (and since my girlfriend won't allow me to participate in No Shave November), I am going to once again take a crack at writing. It's been quite some time and, honestly, I can see the rust on the imagination center of my mind. However, I'd like to think I have staved a complete and total loss of ability.

    Chronicles of Galianth will be, not only my reintroduction to writing, but my first attempt at actually completing a writing project. Every single one of my past attempts has come to abrupt ends and indefinite hiatus, facing a sentence of eternity in limbo. However, this original piece, which, as I write this, I have come up with very little more than a very rough setting, should allot me the chance to prove that all is not lost in the way of my completion ability ^_^

    So yeah... Unlike my Legends of TFF, this is original... Well, original enough. Characters, settings, etc. all a mosaic constructed of past thoughts and imagined pieces.

    In the Chronicles of Galianth, readers will experience a wide range of characters, both static and dynamic, iconic and cliche, beloved and loathed. Mystical beings, creatures, entities and the sort exist in this world and a variety of species may drop in or fall out depending on the story, setting, etc. though I hope to keep a fairly consistent world. I am shooting for an Epic Fantasy setting, incredibly over-the-top and into the farthest reaches of fantasy. I want the world to be too large, too expansive to grasp all at once, but manageable and localized enough to enjoy a piece at a time, building up to one fantastic world with overlapping stories, arcs, and such.

    Anyway, enough of that... Below you'll find the index of the arcs, broken down into "books" which give a general setting base (be it time or location, all 'books' have common threads connecting them) and the "Issues" they're broken down in.

    • Monolith: Empire of Crystal
    • Monolith: The Crimson Realm
    • Galianth: The Vigil
    • Galianth: War of Three Crowns
    • Theocracy: The Long Night
    • Theocracy: Last Rights
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    Well, you sparked my interest. Have you begun the actual writing process, or are you still outlining?