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    Woo I got one now.

    Name: Halken Táralóm
    Age: Around 500 years old (Young for an elf)
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long blond/brown
    Clothing: He wears an armless green tunic, with brown pants, knee high elven boots, and a cloal that changes colour occording to the envirement.
    Other: He is averaged size, and strong and he looks its too, he isn't blocky or too stocky, but he is well defined and clearly would kick your ass if you ticked him off. He also has the symbol of his elven clan tattooed onto his right shoulder.
    Weapons: He carries with him at all times, an elven sword, a bow and two daggers that he keeps one at his side and the other in his boot.
    History: Halken is an elf that dwells south of the region, but he is by nature a wonderer and a warrior, he along with his clan have travelled for years, building up more and more towns, and now their clan has become a large network of towns and vilages all over the land. Halken was the son of an adviser to the king of the clan and so was born into a well bred family. He was trained from a young age in the arts of combat and charms and spells. He is not a huge magic user, but can use it, often he will summon spells when firing his arrows, enchanting them with fire or ice, depending on the weaknesses of his foe.

    Up to date Halken has been travelling alone, after being on a rights of passage where an elf when they come to a certain age, must go away for 5 human years.
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    Name: Seth Goldenheart

    Species: Dark elf

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Assassin/Thief/Blacksmith

    Hometown: Pinewood

    Skills: Dagger and Bow

    Likes: ale, women, gold

    Dislikes: orcs

    Clothing: Worn out boots, White traveling cape with veil, Brown belt, 6 daggers, oak bow, leather jerkin, quiver of 25 arrows

    Weapons: 1 dagger in each boot 1 dagger on each thigh and 2 daggers on belt. Oak bow on back with quiver

    Traveling group: none

    History: he grew up with his mother in a little town when his mother died when he was 6 she gave him a ruby on a necklace and told him to never put it on the sword which then he didn’t understand and still doesn’t. When his mom died he joined a guild of thieves and to prove himself he had to kill one of the rival thieves during the fight they fell down a rocky cliff he received a scar from right shoulder to left side the rival died. Since then he grew up a thief and assassin at age 15 till now. When he was 21 he set out to find his father and make him pay for abandoning him.

    Physical Description:
    Height: 6’5"
    Weight: 180
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair Color: dirty blonde in a spike
    Scars/Injuries: scar from right shoulder to left side
    Disabilities: none
    General Physical ability: Fit

    Mental Condition:
    Attitude towards friends: Respectful and cocky
    Attitude towards Strangers: rude