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    Full Name: Monday Kosoto
    Species: Human
    Age: 14
    Ninja Level: Genin
    Nation: Land of Fire
    Hometown: Konoha
    Bloodline Techniques: insane speed, 1200 Fangs, Kisikokuri (a large beam of fire, light, and darkness that can explode (note the fire))

    Chakra Proportions:

    Taijutsu- 95% ( Tremendous amounts of chakra are needed to maintain his speed, leaving him with little for other attacks.)
    Ninjutsu- 5% (Only uses it this way for Kisikokuri.)
    Genjutsu-0% (Not incapable of Genjutsu, it's just not his thing.)

    Likes: training
    Dislikes: too many to list...
    Clothing: Whatever my pic has
    Weapon(s) of choice: Silver Boots and Silver gloves (two artifacts that give the wearer unmatched speed.)
    Traveling Group: Himself
    Relevant History: Classified.

    Physical Description:
    -Height: 5'3"
    weight: 98 lbs
    -Eye Color: normal form: green. 2nd form: red. 3rd form: white. final form: Green.
    -Hair Color: normal form: black. 2nd form: red. 3rd form: white. final form: Black.
    -Notable Scars/Injuries: none.
    -Disability/ies: Tortured by a dark past.
    -General Physical Ability: Insane
    *Psychological Description:
    Optimist/Pessimist: Pessimist
    -Introvert/Extrovert: Who cares?
    -General Intelligence: more than his speed.
    -General Attitude Toward Friends: Friends? What friends?
    -General Attitude Toward Strangers: Screw them.
    -Opinion of the World: Who cares?
    -Mental Endurance: Pretty High
    -Favorite Saying: ...
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    Name: Doesn't have a name, usually just refered to as gaijin
    Species: whale... nah he's human.
    Age: 37
    Ninja level: nukenin
    Nation: unknown
    Hometown: unknown
    Kekke genkai: a normal ninja might convert a measure of chakra into an equal measure of strength, he converts a measure of chakra for 5 times its measure in strength.

    chakra proportions-

    Taijutsu: 90%
    Ninjutsu: 0% ("Jutsu? what the hell is a jutsu?")
    Genjutsu: 10% (only used for "terrorize")

    Adrenaline high


    Clothing: Tattered combat gear.
    Weapon(s) of choice: anything in the immediate vicinity, his own body, a pair of machetes
    Travelling group: anyone who wants to come along (as long as they don't annoy him and aren't trying to assassinate him)
    relevant history: He left his ninja academy after failing his first year, after that everything he learned was from himself or from random ninja he met in his travels. Having only an academy students knowledge he isn't regarded as a huge threat.

    Physical decription:
    height: 6' ish
    weight: roughly 200 lbs
    eye colour: 1 brown, 1 white
    hair colour: Brown, dyed black for stealth purposes
    Notable scars, injuries: if he ever gets bored, he can do a dot to dot picture with his scars.
    Disabilities: never tries to hide, prefers to "confront and obliterate," can be a danger to his comrades if he can "Feel the adrenaline baby!"
    General physical ability: unnatural

    psychological description:
    optimist/pessimist: optimist
    Introvert/extrovert: Extrovert, most of the time.
    general inteligence: he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
    general attitude towards friends: Very friendly unless annoyed.
    general attitude towards strangers: uninterested unless they're a ninja (in which case he'll size them up and maybe request to spar)
    Opinion of the world: If you don't fight back it'll chew you up and spit you out.
    Mental endurance: unbreakable (he's already pretty insane)
    Favourite saying: "HAHAHAHA! YEAH! That one hurt, now you're gettin' it!"