Character Profiles (Freeform)

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    Oh, thanks man

    i just left it out cause I had no clue what it was :D

    BTW- I know my stats or whatever are high, but I'm not going to god-mod at all. It's just hard to rank my guy down before i start :D
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    no worries, mines pretty sick too
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    Name: Ninstraza
    Race: draconic (human/dragon)
    Gender: female
    Age: 154

    Physical description- in human form she is lithe and muscular with bright green eyes and long black hair streaked with silver. Her dragon form is small and black, flecked with silver.
    Height: 5'10 human and 7' dragon.
    Weight: 140 human/600 dragon
    Clothing: no nonsense gray wife beater, dark green leather duster, dark skin tight jeans and black knee boots. She has her lip pierced and always wears a necklace with her clan symbol on it, which is the sign of the oroborus, a dragon eating its own tail.
    Hair: long and black with silver streaks.
    Eye colour: bright green and catlike.
    Scars/tattoos: one scar over her left eyebrow and a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of her clan symbol.

    Allignment: chaotic neutral.
    Friends/family: She has one twin brother on Dreckor, her father was a human and is long dead. Her mother is a pure dragon, a high priestess of her clan.
    Fame/Infamy: she is rather well known among her clan for being a ruthless killing machine and showing no mercy to the enemy.
    Introvert/extrovert: introvert.
    Likes: fire, chaos, sarcasm, her stuffed sheep Friedrich.
    Dislikes: humans, elves, day time, other girls.
    Mental durability: she is very strong willed and stubborn, what she lacks in strength she makes up for with a keen mind.
    Attitude toward others: general dislike.
    General attitude: she tends to put off an aura of coldness and people tend not to trust her, she rather likes it that way.

    Clothing: has no real armor in human form because it weighs her down and in dragon form her scales are protection enough.
    Equipment: she has one bag that she keeps with her at all times. Inside of it are Friedrich, an mp3 player, tons of different herbs and vials of stuff, and a blow torch.
    Weapons: She carries a dagger with her at all times whose name is Vorzen. It was given to her by her father when she was very young. It has a rather elaborate hilt with the words "Tempus Edax Rerum" carved into it. The blade is thin and straight and rather boring looking but it's strength is not in it's form. When it is called apon it can teleport its master to wherever they wish to go.
    Artifacts: her necklace with her family crest on it, which allows her to keep in contact with Ulit, which is where on Dreckor she is from.

    World knowledge on a scale of 1-10, 1 being masterful, 10 being stunted-
    Magic capabilities: 3
    Knowledge of beasts: 2
    survival skills: 3
    CQC proficiency: human 8/dragon 2
    Knowledge of the unholy: 3
    Knowledge of religion: 2 (her religion and her magic rely heavily on each other)
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