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    name: Ry ("rye")
    race: human
    age: 30 or so
    height: 5'7"
    build: average

    appearance: Ry comes off as very intimidating. she wears heavy eye makeup, making her already piercing gaze even more so. she wears a tattered pair of grey slacks with black pin stripes, and a black, short sleeved dress shirt with a black pair of shoes and a black pair of gloves. she also carries a tattered blue hooded jacket with her that she sometimes wears, but usually just carries. the rumour is that she got off of work one day and just.. snapped. never changed clothes since then.. though, that's only a rumour?

    personality: Ry almost never apologizes, and when she does it's usually just sarcasm. she doesn't share her secrets and lets no one into her personal life. she has no friends. some wonder whether or not she is even capable of loving another human being. while she has a good sense of humour and is very charismatic, it is wise to take caution around her; her manipulation skills are what keeps her alive. she is often pegged as crazy.

    history: in and out of mental institutions, Ry has kept her history completely secret. no one knows anything about her, and anyone who would is dead, it's even rumoured that she may have killed them. no one is quite sure whether or not she is friend or foe, but either way... you want her on your side.
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    Name: Brightside

    Race: Human

    Age: 31

    Occupation : Gambler. Rumors have it that he is also an assassin, that or he just likes to kill

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 150

    Build: Slender

    Appearance: Brightside is a handsome man who rarely smiles. Normally keeps a straight face no matter the situation. He is always dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie, black fedora, and white hard-soled shoes polished to a high sheen. His eyes are a bright blue changing to cold gray under special circumstances. His hair is jet black and slicked back. A neatly trimmed goatee frames his mouth. He wears one silver earring in his left ear, and one silver ring on the middle finger of his right hand, bearing a demonic smiling face.
    His body is covered in scars, but he keeps them all hidden by his clothing.

    Personality: He loves to gamble and is a master of card games, it is rare that he would turn down a bet, and even more rare that he would lose. Brightside has a calm, collected demeanor, but can snap, and has, for no apparent reason. He has never been seen without a cigarette in his mouth, either lit or not.
    Brightside is also a very competent fighter, his slender frame is quick and strong.
    He was given the name Brightside for the times he actually did smile. A vicious grin would spread across his face, and he would turn into a murderous maniac. It has been said that no one ever wanted to see his bright side.

    History: Not much is known about Brightside's past. Only rumors as to what his real occupation is.

    Personal belongings: Brightside always carries at least one pack of playing cards with him as well as several packs of smokes and at least one zippo. He makes it no secret that he has many knives on him at all times, usually twirling one or two around when bored.
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    Name .Aka Blade
    Age - 30
    race - human
    Hair -black
    height t - 7,1
    eyes -emerald green

    Captain of the nox
    Background - Has been know as a berserker in fights some times forgets weapons and uses his hands to bludgeon people to death. Had at one time been witnessed beating a man to an inch of his life, using a Hobbit for a club.
    Born in the north among the barbarian tribes. Learned fighting and weapons in the Thieves and assassins guild buy the guild assassin master Ardamas. Is known to have fits of rage and a short temper. But can be extremely Noble at time with a high sense of loyalty.

    Weapons –keeper of the dragon sword, Throwing knifes, (tonga-Wire used to cut peoples throats from behind) and any thing he can grab close at hand and throw, including people.
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    Name: (Known as Prodigy)

    Age: 73

    Race: "Adaptus"

    Hight:6' 5"

    Weight:14 stone (without equipment)
    20 stone (with everything)

    General Appearence: he is rather slender, which hides his un-natural strength, but he is quite in shape, for his species. They have longer arm reach, and leg reach, only 2 rather chunky fingers and a thumb, obviusly. They also have a tail which will seem weird but beleive me, it is an advantage.

    Powers: Genetic enhancements (reaction time, strength, speed, endurance are all increased by 4,effectivly), Regeneration

    Alignment: Neutral

    Occupation: Organised Assassin

    Equipment: Full body padding, and a full cloak to hide that he doesn't belong, under the cloak, is a wide assortment of weapons. a full belt strap of throwing knives bound across his chest, shin guards and gauntlets, what would be an old fashioned "utility belt", just full of puches and stuff containing assortment of what could be considered "gadgets" (ie: a sort of grapple, stragley enchanted and mirrored knife, etc). 2 long Katana's at his left waist, a double barred bow, the bow can fold away onto his back, and is riddled with cogs for strange workings.


    Back on his planet, he was a simle bounty hunter, raised in ranks because of his "mutation". His un-natural ability to heal at an amazing rate saved his life many times over where a normal being would have collapsed. His "mutation" was spread around, and it got the attention of a strage scientist wanting to try out a theory. Other patients had died before the operation could be completed, but with this un-natural ability, it should be a sucess. The outcome was outstanding! his DNA bonds were double-wrapped. This increased his natural self and his "mutation" to a higher degree. He was kept and signed away as an assassin. He was trained since he was a mere 36, over his years he has gained experiences that have changed the way he looks at things. He has sought out stealth, combat, and spiritual masters on different planets just to ask them questions about how he can improve himself.

    From there he took up "contracts" with a variety of people. killing, stealing, even simple observation tasks. He quickly gained a name in the black market, as a 'Prodigy' for hire.

    His recent contract involses a distant planet, where will this lead (storyline to be unveiled)

    They are generally faster and more physically stronger. Having a tail makes them stand out aswell, they are generally taller than humans, but they react with magic in a bad way (in other words magic is super effective against them). They are alot more agile and can scale most things by using their thick strong fingers to dig bluntly into the surfaces and used to climb.

    If anyone wishes to use this aliien species for anything, just go ahead. Maybe you could make suggestions for me, if anything needs changing, if it's a good idea or a bad one. Critism makes people grow :)