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    Name: Girth Lypith
    Age: 21
    Race: Half Elf
    Weapon of choice: Staff of Earth
    ~---------Body Bio---------~
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6ft 4
    Weight: 200lbs.
    Body Type: Average
    ~---------Life Bio---------~
    Born with no father Girth grew up as a troublesome child, it was not until the age of eight his mother discovered his talent for magic. She imideatly seht him to the mages school and there he remained for seven years, at 15 he graduated early, for hit talent was like no other, he returned home only to find his mother had died three years ago. At eighteen he becames the youngest mage to be accepted into the High Mages of the Holy Order in the City of Golden Bells, Secca.