Chainsaw Whistle...

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    It's just one of those days where everything is crazy,
    And it'll be one of those nights where memory is hazy,
    All I remember is blood up the walls,
    Some lady screaming down the halls...

    Some dude in a mask staring at me,
    Why is he so familiar, familiar to see?
    He's got a, a tune on his lips and blank eyes,
    The tune kills the living but makes the dead rise...

    And so he says, "It's called a chainsaw whistle,
    Driving hate and anger like a guided missile,
    Through pain and ecstasy, recovery and relapse,
    I keep it simple, take what's mine and leave the scraps..."

    Then he goes after the woman who I see now is crawling away,
    I don't know why she ain't got no legs, tell her it's gonna be okay,
    But she just keeps hollering, like she's seen her fate,
    I go to save her from him, but it's just too late...

    So I better bounce before the cops show up,
    Go out into the forest and start to throw up,
    How did I even get there?
    I am actually unaware...

    Time to go back to the house and rinse off my clothes,
    All the time, someone is with me, maybe he knows?
    But now I'm back at my home in front of a mirror,
    And all of a sudden it's becoming clearer...

    There's a tune on my lips and a look in my eyes,
    Now I remember, everytime I whistle that tune, someone dies,
    It's called a chainsaw whistle and it's music to my ears,
    It has lyrics written in blood and a chorus of fears...

    And if you should ever hear it late at night,
    I suggest you hurry and make sure your soul is right,
    Because, at the whirring of saws and the gnashing of fangs,
    I will be ripping them with claws until my ass hangs...

    ~White Noise