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    My nan got diagnosed with a form of cancer yesterday. Im going to get a tattoo similar to the one attached, but with the words "Born in this world as it all falls apart"..

    Any suggestions on what could be added to it?
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    I am really sorry to hear so, Reece. I wish you and your nan nothing but the best in the coming period.

    As for the tat, I'd say give it some time. Give it some thought. Think about who it should mean anything to, and, indeed, whether it should mean something to everyone. The red ribbon is a symbol for quite a different disease, though...
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    Thanks, it means a lot.

    I know its not the right colour, As soon as we hear what kind of cancer it is, I'll look into the correct colour...

    But, it definitely means something to me, She's the closest person to me, she;s like my best friend :/