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    Zfiam was alone, by himself, even before time was created. In his thoughts, he imagined how it would be to create something different from the silverlight that he was made of. For a long time he tried to conceive it; until at the end of his loneliness, Jiuc, the water, appeared. She was a perfect round sphere in the middle of Zfiam’s guts. She was translucid but singular. Zfiam loved her and he watched her for a long, long time. But, after a while, he realized that she could not move, and he could not reach her at all. Zfiam wanted to hug her, feel her. And that powerful desire created Juffern, the air. She was the second daughter of Zfiam, silverlight. Jiuc felt jealous of her sister and immediately a fight began. Gigantic waves and storms started. Zfiam felt them alive but it wasn’t what he expected. He wanted something more visible and “solid”, he wasn’t sure about it; it was new. From his thoughts, a brown dust started to fall into the world, little by little. The war between Juic and Juffern allowed Grremna to settle in the world.

    The world was chaos: waves the size of a mountain, winds that could tear a forest away and earthquakes that made no damage at all at the time. Grremna was the weakest and she started sinking inside Jiuc. She talked to Zfiam, and complained about her purpose. Gremna couldn’t see the Light of Zfiam and started to vanish in Jiuc. Zfiam saw that and tried to give her hope by creating powerful lights: One that can light the world to see the beauty of everything, and another that contained the essence of the silverlight. That is how Grietcroas, the sun; and Riumna, the moon appeared in the world. No one could touch them, Grietcroas was hot and powerful, meanwhile Riumna was too beautiful and perfect.

    Gremna got the message and started to move into the surface in the shape of a mountain called the Shark by the later stories.The heart of Grremna was full of anger and fire. The Sharuk grew so tall that Jiuc and Juffern were afraid of her power. But that mountain wasn’t stable at all. Fire and bright hot liquid (you mean lava?) came from the wounds she made to herself. She couldn’t contain all the rage she had so she kept growing and growing. But one night, when Riumna was on top of the mountain, the Sharuk exploded. A huge chunk of rock hit Riumna’s face. All the fights between Jiuc and Juffern stopped suddenly. There was peace for a moment just to look at the tremendous tragedy that had occurred. The dust of Riumnas surface was spread all over the night sky forming the stars or Riumini. The scar of Riumna never healed, to remind the Three First Ones of the consequences of the war.

    The world was chaos, but it wasn’t the end, just a new beginning. Zfiam saw it all from above. He was inspired by the life that was given to those beings. And he blessed the world with the twelve Noas. They were the builders of the world that the future inhabitants lived in.