Busting Rocks - Stonigsthwaighte - Stone Age Science Fiction/Fantasy

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    I have written a manuscript titled Busting Rocks: Stonigsthwaighte
    After breaking brutal bondage and defeating depredations by vicious black dogs, an adolescent female named V, beaten, bloody, filthy, smelly, and nude, finds herself in a clearing inhabited by bizarre individuals.
    Here, the formerly mute V must learn to speak Kurgan, the lingua franca of the land, as she seeks to reestablish her former ways – and yearns to wreak vengeance on her erstwhile captors. The latter will seem impossible, until she begins to manipulate the sole male resident, a muscular boy called Stone Mason.
    With the help and guidance of a winged, mischievous maiden named Ilmaneitsi, and against the will of the group's inscrutable leader-by-fiat, Jaga, V pursues her calling of the hunt and makes astonishing finds that solidify her satisfaction with her new abode. All the while she strives to overcome her fear of recapture and inflame her own passions of retribution in a world of stone-tool technology and no writing – or morality.