Bryn y Ellyllon (The Gate of Norvegr)

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    Upon entering the building, Bloueds keen sense of smell was at once assailed by a plethora of smells. They ranged from unwashed bodies, tobacco, stale beer and wine to the heady stench of sex and blood. It seemed as if here was a place that catered for any vice one wished to partake in.
    As Bloued crossed the threshold, the music and frivolity seemed to falter for a moment, before picking up again. Almost every eye in the place seemed to be turned to the doorway gauging the group as they entered.
    One by one the goblins in the group drifted off to join in the festivities with others known to them, until Drey and Bloued stood alone.
    Drey motioned to a darkened corner of the room, and said.
    “This way my friend, there is one here I believe you should meet”.
    The pair headed in the direction of the corner weaving through drunken goblins, until they came upon a table in the corner that was seemingly empty, until a shadow moved and a challenge rang out.“What in the seven hells do you want now Drey?” came a raspy growl from a darkened figure.
    Bloued pushed alongside Drey, and as his eyes became accustomed to the gloom, he noticed the figure for what it was and gasped in shock.
    A low growl emanated from the figure as he edged out of the corner into the sickly light.
    A black wolf at least two hands taller than Bloued, but undernourished and gaunt came into view. His grizzled muzzle was slightly streaked with grey, and a fairly recent ugly red scar encompassed the left side of his face. A weeping puckered red hole signified where his eye had been lost.
    Bloued stood transfixed as Drey moved forward and gestured for calm, and gently said.
    “Settle down there, Einauga! This one is a friend. He has come from beyond the gate to learn of what has befallen us!”
    With these words, Einauga’s growl ceased and his stance became slightly less aggressive. However his voice rang out still edged with suspicion and heavily laden with sarcasm.
    “Come to fight the Shadow…Eh Lad? I am sure the ones in the darkness will probably head back to whence they came, when they hear you are here!”
    Einauga resumed his position in the corner and went back to noisily slurping his bowl of ale as if they were not there.
    Drey gestured to Bloued to take a seat, and they both sat opposite Einauga, who continued to ignore them.
    Drey looked hesitantly at Bloued and began to speak.
    “Einauga here, despite his exceedingly poor manners and habit of late of drowning his sorrows to excess is actually the last true remaining Wolf lord of our realm!”
    Bloued glanced in astonishment first at Drey and then at the Wolf lord, who looked up at him in bemusement and said.
    “So my kin from beyond the gate, am I not quite what you were expecting?”
    Bloued composed himself and ventured.
    ‘Well to be honest…I am not sure what I was expecting, least of all you! There are a million questions I wish to ask you, but where to begin…”
    Einauga took another drink from his bowl and said.
    “My full title and name are irrelevant now. The old ways of our kind have been swept away and with it our culture, there are but a few of us remaining now. I am now Einauga, or one-eye in our tongue, and that will suffice for the moment. I presume from the fact that Drey has brought you to me, that you wish to know how we came to be in this mess?”
    Bloued nodded, and spoke.
    “I have made the acquaintance of a young white wolf, who told me of what he had seen, but not in great detail, as he did not witness all that has occurred”.
    Einauga laughed and turned to Drey.
    “Old friend, I need to speak to this one alone. We have things to discuss of our kind that are not for your ears!”
    Drey scowled at the black wolf but nodded and rose from his seat.
    “The pack it seems is always closed to our kind! I shall leave you two and enjoy myself a little on this evening, as who knows what the morrow may bring?”
    The black wolf watched the back of the goblin as he headed in the throng of revelry before turning back to Bloued.
    “This corner, as quiet as it seems, is not safe from prying eyes and there are things we need to discuss that are not for their pointy ears”.
    Einauga gestured at the Goblins and continued.
    “Have you noticed the mindset of this citadel?”
    Without waiting for Bloued to answer he carried on.
    “There are several factions in here, all fighting for control of what remains of the Crown. While outside the walls, forces beyond your comprehension gradually day by day erode our strength, and still the fools jostle for position in the court of Grimmr.”
    Einauga shook his head, as if still unbelieving the stupidity of the noble born. He turned to the bar and motioned to the Innkeeper to come forth.
    The small grizzled Goblin in charge of the establishment scurried over with a gleam of greed in his eyes.
    “Yes milord, can I be of assistance? Some more to drink for you and your friend? Or perhaps you would like some company, Hmmm? I have some new girls in from...”
    Einauga cut short his squawk like voice with a growl.
    “Enough of your spiel Barkeep, and your poxed whores are not for the likes of us. I need to use the backroom for a while, with no disturbances!”
    The Inn keep eyes lit up and he unconsciously rubbed his hands together and said.
    “Oh milord, there is a high demand for it tonight, others have already expressed an interest. I would hate to disappoint them”
    “Enough” rasped Einauga, and he pushed over five gold marks.
    “Well I guess this should help your apologies to the other parties, then!”
    The Goblins beady little eyes gleamed and he swept the coins into his hands in a flash.
    “Oh most certainly milord, I shall let the others know that the room is in use for the evening. Would you be needing anything else milord’s?”
    Einaugua shook his head.
    “No, just see to it that we are not disturbed!”
    He dismissed the Inn keep and motioned for Bloued to follow him.

    The two wolves moved swiftly across the room to a doorway off to one side.
    As he entered the door, Bloued turned to gaze about the room.
    Most of the Goblins were too engrossed in their various conversations or other activities to take note of the wolves leaving.
    Bloued caught Drey’s eyes for a second and nodded at him, and was in return shot a look of distaste from the Goblin, who quickly turned back to the group he was drinking with.
    Out of the corner of his eye, Bloued spotted the group of nobles he had seen earlier in the Great Hall during the audience with the King.
    The Leader of the group grimaced as he felt Bloued’s gaze wash over him and stepped behind another and avoid eye contact.
    Bloued paid no more heed to the group and quickly followed Einauga down the passageway to the back room, but in his mind he grew worried of their true intent.

    The back room was slightly better lit than the front bar, but just as untidy. A generations worth of dust was layered on everything, and the furnishing were spare to say the least. They seemed to consist of a stack of wooden boxes in one corner and a bookcase in another. There was a mouldy looking lounge in the middle with a myriad of dubious looking stains on it, but Einauga leapt up onto it and made himself at home. Bloued choose to merely rest on his haunches in front of the black wolf and gave his full attention to Einauga.
    Suddenly without warning, Einauga sat up and began chanting in an unknown tongue to the air.

    “Kasku, Wurusemu! Shapu pinu!
    Gunni ma, u uuttaaus E’er uisuuriyaantati
    Ne za uliista!”

    Bloued felt an earthbound power fill the air with its presence, then as quickly as it came it dissipated, leaving a feeling of calm and safety in the room.
    Bloued glanced at Einauga in awe and stammered.
    “What was that?”
    Einauga grinned mischievously and spoke haughtily.
    “That my friend was the a few of the gods of wolves putting their seal of silence on this room! There are a great many who would wish to hear what I have to tell you, and I wish not for them to do so”.
    Einauga settled back down on the lounge and continued.
    “I am lad, not quite what I seem. Yes I am the last remaining true wolf lord of our kind in this realm, but it goes deeper than that!
    I am also a Shaman of our race. I was chosen at a young age for my sight and vision and schooled by the elders in the secrets of our forefathers. This I cannot allow any Goblin to know. They tend to have a different opinion, for lack of a better word, of our lore and religion. Before recent events effecting all in our realm, they tended to try to suppress our beliefs through various means, some passive and some not.
    There were some of our kind who forgot the old ways and embraced the social ideals, that the Goblins would have us believe are the correct ones.
    Tell me lad, does what you have seen so far of their society strike you as fair and just?
    They have but one true belief and it is one of greed and avarice! They live for gold and all its trappings.
    But don’t get me wrong, there are those amongst them who are otherwise, who put justice and kindness first. Few of this kind now exist, and it seems that everyday that passes sends more and more of them into the clutches of these vices and worse.
    Did you know lad, there wasn’t a murder or rape in this citadel for twenty-five years until the shadow was visible from the walls.
    There is much depth to the level of the darkness’s intent, and it bodes ill for all involved”.
    Einauga grimaced as if the mere thought of what lay beyond the walls opened his mind to its long reach. He shook his thoughts free of the gathering darkness and continued.
    “I truly do not know what this malevolent force is that seeks to take away our freedom. I only know that it is beyond time immemorial, and even the gods know little of its origin, save that it is somehow linked to the history of the ancient Golbinfolk.
    They have not always existed in this realm you know.
    However, their ancient folklore tells little of why they came to be here, and for some reason all tales of any Gods they may have worshipped before have been forgotten or expulsed from their history.
    I would love to meet one of their Soothsayers, but allegedly they all died out long ago, but rumour says otherwise. They have made a concerted effort over time to deny their folk any knowledge of this heritage, so it has been driven underground. However the uneasy alliance between wolf and Goblin has made it nigh impossible to dig too deep. Something tells me however that in order for them to survive, they will have to confront their history, no matter how undesirable it is.
    Forgive me lad, I am rambling on and getting away from that which you need to know”.
    Bloued looked thoughtfully at Einauga and replied.
    “I think not Wise one. You are providing a rare insight into their race, and as I know little of them, it is a gift, which shall definitely prove worthy when dealing with them.
    I am however, eager to hear more of the last great battle, and the circumstance beyond Grimmr’s brother going over to the shadow as I have been told”.
    Einauga grunted and his eyes clouded over in memories best forgotten.
    “I cannot, Nay will not relive that day! The bittersweet joy of halting the shadow is tainted with personal loss beyond measure, both physically and mentally.
    However, I can show you what happened on that day. I have a gift from the gods, which allows me to let you to see what I saw on that day. That much I can do, maybe in time I will talk of it but not now”.
    Bloued nodded.
    “Thank you, Wise one. Tell me what to do”.
    Einauga got down from the couch and stood directly in front of Bloued and said softly.
    “Close your eyes, little one. I will guide your minds eye into mine, and you shall see what I saw on the day that will forever be known to the Goblins as
    Dagr LjosSvikja, the Day of Lights Betrayal”.
    Bloued closed his eyes, and felt the probing thoughts of Einauga merge with his. There was an unfathomable sense of pain in the Shamans mind, and Bloued wondered how the wolf could bear the burden. A new sense of respect began to garner itself for the immeasurable strength of the Shamans resolve.
    Suddenly, Einauga’s disembodied voice cut through his thoughts.
    “Awake little one, open your eyes!”
    Bloued’s eyes snapped open and he found himself standing on the field on battle.
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    Dagr LjosSvikja -the Day of Lights Betrayal
    Day one

    The rhythmic pounding of war drums echoed like rolling thunder across the plain.
    In between the blasting beats came the sound of many different voices, as various Goblin bands sang their war chants and prepared themselves for the coming battle.
    The air over the field was heavily laden with the weight of spell as Goblin mages noisily wove their battle preparations with an ominous hissing and crackling of power.
    In comparison, their wolven allies, stood silent and patient. Their jaws set in grim determination, as all present knew the price of failure on this day was nothing short of total annihilation of their kind.
    Wolf shaman stood in front of the packs, carefully writing protective earth runes in the dust with their paws, whilst whispering words of spell to the elder gods, beseeching their help and guidance on this day.

    Bloued glanced from left to right, his mind reeling under the size of the force arrayed on the field.
    As far as his eyes could see, the goblin army stretched. Various units of many different clans were united here in a common cause, all old blood feuds and hatred buried beneath the singular vision, to see the darkness defeated.
    Despite the reality of what his eyes saw, he felt disembodied, as it was truly Einauga’s body he was in, and all movement was not his doing.
    He felt in his minds eye the feeling of fear, hatred and half a hundred emotions from the pack.
    He felt his eyes dart left and his gaze fell upon a younger wolf, and a feeling of fatherly love reeled through his mind.
    Suddenly he knew why Einauga refused to revisit this bloody day, and a wave of anguish swept through him. He knew by the end of the battle the sadness to come would do more than tax him, he now merely hoped that his mind was strong enough to overcome the mental burden that would soon envelop him.

    A cold fell wind swept across the ground, whipping the host’s banners into a frenzy and striking terror into the hearts of all. All eyes now turned to the front to witness the darkness from the north, which soon they must face.
    Bloueds gaze fell upon the Grand kings capital Har Himinnlykd, which stood a few leagues distant on the far end of the field.
    The city was a swirling mass of darkness, intermittedly specked with unnatural flames that seemed to have no grounding to the earth. From deep inside the conflagrations came the heartrending screams of souls trapped in some perpetual torturous existence.
    Bloueds ears recoiled at the never-ending cries of the unfortunate inhabitants of the city, who were by now beyond all hope of salvation. His heart was heavy with sorrow at what fates had befallen them, and what price in blood would soon be paid on this field to halt the darkness.

    Bloued turned his eyes to the sky, and gazed in amazement at the seemingly endless flocks of the birds of the realm, gathering in formations to attack whatever sky borne host was be arrayed against them.
    This was truly a realm united in a common cause.

    The piercing sound of horns resounded through the din of the assembling forces, and Bloued’s eyes turned towards it source.
    Through the goblins ranks rode a fierce looking Goblin astride a foul tempered war-warg, which seemed to snarl and bare its fangs at all, regardless of any sense of camaraderie.
    The Goblin’s silver armour marked him as war leader of great repute and valour, and in his hand he held a large war axe, intricately carved with runes of power.
    Bloued sense’s tingled at the power emanating from the man, and it seemed as though his entire person was alive with sorcery. This was indeed a man to fear.
    The wolf next to Bloued gently nudged him and whispered.
    “Look brother, it is the Great Southern War master of the Goblin. Svatr Hyrr! Rumour says he cannot be killed, that he is not Goblin so much anymore, but a God incarnate!”
    Bloued gazed at the wolf in disbelief, thinking that if this were true, greater forces were at work than mere mortals.
    The Goblin war master rode forward of the host with his retinue, and suddenly about turned to face it.
    He lifted his war hammer, and an almighty roar rang from tens of thousands of throats, as all goblin kind voiced their belief in their leader and anger at the gathering darkness.
    The war master lifted a clenched fist for silence, and the roar faded away into silence.
    This creature, Bloued hoped, was a decisive tactician who brooked no argument, and not the arrogantly rash leader he feared the Goblin to be, God incarnate or no. A leader that could make or break a battle.
    The war masters voice carried over the host, as if amplified by some form of sorcery, and the words carried power that affected all.
    “Brothers, One and all. Be it Goblin, Warg, or other. We all know why we stand here on this day as one”.
    He gestured behind him with his war axe towards the distant darkness.
    “There lies in front of us, a blight on our realm so evil, that no creature cannot help but feel its enmity. We know it is the essence of purest evil, and as long as it is afflicting our world, we shall never know peace.
    You know, as do I. That the price of freedom is never cheap, and many a hearth will be empty after this day. But know this! If we fail here on this accursed field. All hearths will be empty and our world will be no more! That is why we must sacrifice all we hold dear to us to defeat this abomination! And so I ask one thing and one thing only of each and everyone of you!”
    The war master fell silent for what seemed an eternity, and his gaze scanned the massed ranks as if he was peering into the heart of every warrior present.
    Bloued locked eyes with the war master for a split second, and what he perceived he saw chilled him to the bone. The turmoil and pain in the goblin was evident, the war master knew what the battle would bring him and still he faced it.
    "All I ask of you my kindred is this. Your life for the life of the realm!
    There is no retreat, no quarter. It stops here!”
    He raised a silver gauntlet in the air and shouted.
    “Fight till the Death!”
    A wall of sound from thousands of voices echoed back.
    “Fight till death, Fight till death”

    As if in defiance to the chant, the swirling blackness over Har Himinnlykd began to rise higher into the sky and darken in the centre as if building toward something.
    Suddenly, the wind once again picked up from the north and a stench like a charnel house drifted across the plain, turning bowels to water amongst the host.
    Bloued senses began to pick out words in the winds, intermingled with fleeting images that floated into his mind. Things that no creature should ever have to witness or hear, so malevolent it could break a weak mind. And indeed it did, as Bloued witnessed some Goblins writhing in torment on the ground, eyes screwed shut and hands covering their ears. Even a number of wolves had succumbed to the despair being forced upon them. It seemed as if every forgotten doubt anyone on the field had hidden in their heart was now being forced out in order to break their spirit.

    The war master gestured in anger with his war axe at his high mage and uttered two words.
    “Quell them”.
    The high mage nodded and immediately went into a ritual spell, and within seconds a serene and calming wave feel over the host.
    Warriors who were tearing themselves apart with fear a minute ago, now regained their composure and stood up, their expressions a mixture of gratitude and shame.

    The darkness on the other side of the plain recoiled in pain and anger at the sudden lifting of its curtain of despair it had been draping over the host.
    A shrill keening sound emanated from the centre of the darkness, and the blackness gathered in on itself for a heartbeat and then exploded out in a dark mist, slowly seeping across the plain towards the assembled host.

    The Goblin War master lifted his axe again and bellowed.
    “Forward the Fists of Thrule. Form Squares. Archers centre”.
    Horns sounded, and Bloued found himself being shouldered aside by a section of heavily armoured Goblins bearing long lances topped with ensorcered silver fists; They strode forward of the host by one hundred yards and formed up.
    Bloued glanced both left and right, to see innumerable masses of similarly clad goblins moving forward of the host to form twelve massive squares in front of the main army. A column of archers and goblins at arms strode into the centre of the squares and prepared to meet the dark onslaught.
    Bloued felt himself and the pack he was with being jostled back, as more pike wielding goblins with heavy shields moved forward of them to form a phalanx in front of the infantry. The goblins left a slight gap every hundred yards between their interlocked shields to allow the goblin cavalry mounted on wargs an avenue to counterattack anywhere along the entire front.

    Bloued sensed movement behind him and heard the snarling and cursing that belied the fact that the heavily armoured Goblin cavalry mounted on the fearsome wargs were in place to counterattack at will.
    A silence filled the air as the host stared forward as one at the slowly rolling darkness bearing down on them. The only noises Bloued could gauge were murmured prayers from half a hundred warriors, the restlessness of the wargs and their riders, and the faint sounds of trickling piss; As the weaker amongst them let their fears override their sense of duty.

    Bloued keen eyes tracked the motion of the forthcoming blackness, noticing that it was beginning to form ominous shapes within itself. As it came the earth itself seemed to cringe and withdraw, each blade of grass on the plain seemed to shrivel before its onslaught, as if dying from within from its hideous touch.
    Bloued felt his eyes dart to the bright blue sky, noticing the sickly darkness beginning to block out the warmth of the sun, and make the shadows grow longer.
    A section of the blackness in the sky suddenly broke away and moved quicker than the rest towards the waiting host.
    Cries of alarm rang out along the ranks, as the blackness in the air began to take shape into some formed of winged adversaries.

    The cries of rage of the birds in the air echoed across the field.
    As one they reeled from the circular formation they were holding and swooped onto the shadowy winged creatures.
    Bloued found he could not look away, despite the carnage wreaked upon the realms air defence.
    Bird after bird flung themselves at the shadowed creatures, to be immediately wounded or killed outright by a sweep of dark taloned claws.
    By the score dead and dying birds fell like rain around and amongst the host, for every shadowed winged demon, it seemed ten score of the hosts feathered allies fell to their death. The only form of subjugation apparent on the winged demons was to swarm them and drag them down, whilst trying to find a weak spot on their seemingly impenetrable hides.

    The goblin war master grimaced slightly and turned and signalled to a cadre of mages in the centre of the main host.
    Arcane powers rang out with a crackle and a spurt of blue/green flame, instantly turning both ally and demon into ash. The air battle was too hotly contested to distinguish between friend and foe, and so the indiscrimate power wielded killed both.
    Bloued watched as the war master turned his eyes forward to the advancing darkness and ignored the sky. A solitary thought ran through his mind that the war master was prepared to sacrifice all to win the day, and perhaps he would have to.
    The sky was awash with power, as the mages flung all they had at the invaders. Here and there a solitary winged demon would land, quickly to be put down by warriors before havoc ensured in the ranks.
    Bloued felt something alight on his face, and realised it was ash, from a friend or otherwise he could not tell. All along the host, a sombre grey blanket was settling like a funeral shroud.
    The war master’s battle mages had after a time succeeded in creating a sorcerous barrier in front of the host, which kept more winged demons at bay. However overhead the battle still raged with tremendous casualties for the realm.

    The sound of a horn brought Bloueds eyes back to the earth and to the insidious darkness almost upon them.
    The goblins in the squares brought their lances up as one in preparation for meeting the closing darkness.
    Bloued began to notice distinct shapes of various sizes within the gloom, and paled at the emanating hatred coming from them.
    The sudden cry of “Loose” rolled across the field, as thousands of archers let their arrows fly. A cloud almost as black as the enemy blotted out the sun for an instant, before dropping to find its mark amongst the enemies frontrunners.
    Fearsome screams from inhuman throats could be heard, and clumps of the darkness seemed to fall to the ground and lie still.
    The enemy’s accursed magic began to come into effect, with arrow shafts by the score suddenly bursting into flame mid flight and dropping like stone.
    The wolf alongside bloued softly spoke.
    “By the great mother! There are so many!
    Bloued felt his gaze turn to the wolf and nod. In a low voice the wolf spoke again.
    “I have heard it said by venerated elders that they are known as the En’kul, something not seen in a thousand generations of our kind. If I should fall pack brother, remember me to our gods”.
    Bloued opened his mouth as to reply but the darkness was upon them.

    A colossal thud reverberated across the field, as the advance elements of the enemy hit the combined might of the squares.
    The air was thick with sorcery and death cries as the two hosts met.
    Bloued watched in awe, as wave after wave of the shadows demons hit the ensorcered lances of the war masters Fists of Thrule.
    The air was rent with power as the lances hit the En’kul, either killing them outright or stunning them long enough for archers to pepper them with arrows.
    The ground in front of the squares was thick with bodies, and the army of darkness sought to manoeuvre around the squares seeking an avenue away from the deadly lances.

    The mass of En’kul began to channel through the gaps between the squares, taking heavy losses, but still they came.
    The phalanx in front of bloued pushed slightly back under the weight of their onslaught, and a grizzled goblin Sergeant began shouting at the troops.
    “Push forward lads, button up ranks! Close that gap!”
    Bloued felt himself take back a step or two in unison with the line, as it faltered. He felt the cold clutch of fear grasp his heart, and the line broke in front of him.

    A black blur rushed toward him, seemingly nothing but talons and claw, and bloued felt his body launch at it, his fangs seeking its throat.
    A sudden sharp pain glanced down his back, as he felt the creatures claws rake his spine, turning his bones to ice.
    His mouth closed around the neck and he felt himself bite hard and deep. An acrid unpleasant taste filled his mouth, as he felt the En’kul’s blood jet out. The creature jerked and flailed underneath him, then slowed its movements and eventually stopped as its lifesblood drained away.
    Bloued pushed away from it with his paws and lay in the bloodied grass panting with exertion at his first kill.
    As he lay there gasping, another En’kul thrust itself upon him, its claws seeking to rip his exposed chest open.
    Through a mist of blinding pain, bloued paws shot into the creature’s face, gouging skin, seeking its eyes.
    He felt blood matting his fur as the creature’s claw’s ripped a flap of skin from his chest and begin to tear into his flesh, and he heard its shrill shriek of triumph.
    Bloued gathered all the strength he could muster and drove him paws into what he thought was the creature’s eyes.
    A piercing scream signified the success of his strike, and the En’kul reeled back holding its face.
    Out of the corner of his eye, he witnessed a wolf leap at the creature, taking its throat in his jaws and knocking it to the bloody earth, finishing it off.
    Bloued felt the earth tremble and felt the pounding of cavalry rush by his head as they pushed through the line into the mass of swarming En’kul.
    Bloued turned to the ranks of goblin in the line and noted that the breakthrough had been contained.
    Looking behind him he saw the cost of the encounter.
    The ground was littered with the remnants of dead and dying wolves and goblins. Most bodies were shredded by the En’kul’s vicious talons, and the cries of the mortally wounded rose in a heartrending wave from the bloodied grass.
    Bloued looked on with horror as a goblin dragged himself past him, painfully pulling his body forward with two bloodied stumps where his legs had been.
    The wolf that had been at his side before the attack lay in the grass a short distance away, his intestines coiled out from his stomach in bloody coils; His sightless gaze rising to the sky.
    A detachment of fresh wolves and goblins rushed past him, into his packs old position.
    Bloued felt himself being picked up from the ground by a pair of goblins and roughly carried away from the lines towards the healer’s tents.
    As bloued was moved rearward from the lines past groups of reinforcements, he took one last look back at the systematic slaughter taking place, before falling into an uneasy unconsciousness.

    Several of the squares had collapsed under the sheer weight of numbers of En’kul, but successive counter attacks by mounted troops were holding them at bay.
    The dead En’kul were stacked almost shoulder high in front of the Goblin pikes of the line, creating a formidable defensive position.
    Still they threw themselves forward, scrambling over dead and dying to lunge at the massed Goblins.
    The gathering darkness seemed poised, almost overhanging the war masters host.
    Bloued noted the strained looks on the goblin mages and wolf shamans faces as they struggled to keep the dark elder En’kul magic in check.
    And in the middle of it all, the war master Svatr Hyrr stood.
    His silver armour was dented and covered in gore, his face red and his voice hoarse from shouting orders, but still his mighty war axe sang its song of death as it hew into the En’kul.

    Then like the coming night, darkness descended and bloued knew no more.
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