Breathe Deep...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Scars on my heart connect in a path that leads to you,
    Thousands of miles away, oh all those that think I won't get through,
    Hollow words fall from all their lips, a rising tide above my eyes,
    But I will persevere, above your 'truths', above your empty lies...

    It's all the little things, all the stars in the sky,
    That I look back, look up, and remember why,
    I remember it all, the good the bad, I remember,
    Starting in bitter summer and that warm December...

    No, I am not ashamed, nor will I ever be,
    My soul, my heart, these things people never see,
    I wear it on my sleeve, and I know you believe,
    Every little word that falls from my lips is received...

    You better believe that "I am a stone,"
    And though I stand by myself, I'm not alone,
    Nor have I ever been, victory breaks the horizon,
    Ten-thousand trumpets, bright-shining like a diamond...

    The purest form of affection,
    Half a decade of self-reflection,
    Prayers on this sinner's lips fall on deaf ears,
    But a light shown and burned away all my fears...

    You take up arms against me,
    Do you flinch when you sense me,
    I bear no ill will, what don't you get, I have no hard feelings,
    Tear away the blackened bandages and let in the healing...

    Blood runs thicker than water, so they say,
    And I believe love runs thicker than blood to this day,
    That's why it hurts, that's why it stings,
    Why I throw my hands up to God and sing...

    Because nothing could ever take away this drive,
    Weren't you the reason that I even survived,
    In the first place, when I was left in waste,
    Peer up from the edge of the abyss, see your face...

    In the corner of my eye, the forefront of my mind,
    If love hampers my sight, best believe that I am blind,
    But my eyes are wide open, my focus set straight,
    I don't care what you say, I never believed in fate...

    We are the writers of history, they sing the songs we make,
    Treaded lightly for when our souls collide the Earth did shake,
    Passion, melted, evaporated, condensed, now rains back down,
    The tides are rising, but I can breathe easy, I won't drown...

    When the floodwaters recede,
    There will be no reason left to bleed,
    Soft, tender eyes in a dimly lit room,
    A new era of spring, my life resumes...