Breath of the Wild

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    Amazing game. Far better than Skyrim or any other game out now. I've heard a lot of people talk about how Horizon Zero Dawn is better and that game looks great as well, but it can't compete with BOTW. The freedom you get and the variety of territory, from sand (Gerudo) to water (Zora. Btw isn't Sidon fantastic? lol) I've completed the game, but I went back to my last save game to explore more. That's the only thing I wish they would add and that's that you could continue after Ganon is defeated. See the aftermath of his defeat. What's great is also the NPC's who respond to a lot more of what is going on. If you drew your weapon in Skyrim people would just walk passed you, pay no attention. Guards would tell you to watch out with your weapon, but in BOTW people respond to a lot more and you meet NPC's a lot more randomly. Certainly the enemies in the game are pretty iconic, especially the Guardians. I like that there are actually two stories going on. It reminds me of A Song of Ice and Fire, where Robert's Rebellion goes hand in hand with the current events, just like the events of a 100 years ago go hand in hand with the current story of the game.
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