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    So ive planned out almost a whole fantasy book series and here are their summaries, please ley me know what you think and if you have any advice/ideas.:

    Overall- Well overall its about 13 dragon guardians who are are descended from dragons and are chosen to protect their world(called Eythiran).
    1st: 13(prone to change) new dragon guardians are chosen to fight off an invasion of infective demon race called The Horde.

    2nd: If they are to stand any chance off surviving the final battle against apollyon they must free the elementals and find the dragons who've been missing for well over a thousand years.

    3rd: They've finally found the dragons but apollyon has gathered the help of a hellknight army led by the invincible Eternal Kolasi who are marching to the World Tree, set on ripping the heart out of the world.

    4th: The guardians have finally slayed Apollyon and his army but not without a terrible cost, slaying him released the 4 oldest beings in the Universe and known as the 4 horsemen. The only one with the knowledge of how to beat them has been dead since the first Cataclysm and so the guardians travel through the world within a world 'Gehenna'(aka hell) and try to find him.

    5th: This is the final battle they've all been training for and the guardians are on the losing side, with their home of Eythiran destroyed they must go into The Fringe(ie spiritworld) and activate the heart of the universe and gain help from the one who created all; The Source

    Please let me know what you think
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