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    Just thought it would be cool if some of the avid readers on the forum shared thier thoughts on some of the boks that they have recently read which they liked or disliked, just a 5 second review or so,

    Heres my opinion/ review on the first Wheel of time book which I read about a week ago:

    The Eye of the world
    Author:Robert Jordan
    Rating 4 out of 6 stars

    Review: I really enjoyed the book in many ways, it offered quite a rich and diverse land,original ideas such as the Aes Sedai and the Warders and quite believable and interesting characters with their own unique traits. The one thing i didn't like about the book was at the beggining the plot was a little tired and predictable but about half way through it soon picked up, ending in quite a unique and thought provoking way. A very good read in general.