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    Besides this one. has Facebook and Google+ access. The Lord of the Rings forum has user princess_aredhel.

    Aredhel (Y.T. 1362–Y.S. 400; died aged 1738) (born and known in Quenya as Írissë) is the daughter of Fingolfin and Anairë, sister of Fingon, Turgon and Argon, and mother of Maeglin. She was also known as Ar-Feinielwhich in one translation means "The White Lady (of the Noldor)", as it is said that she was very pale, and wore only silver and white clothes. The names Aredhel ('noble Elf') and Ar-Feiniel ('noble white lady') were both originally intended to stand alone, replacing the name Isfin.[3] The original name from the Fall of Gondolin of 1916, and in most use into the 1950s, is Isfin meaning snowlocks or exceedingly cunning.[4]

    Was Aredhel's brother, Turgon, king of Gondolin, blond or black of hair? I remember him described as blond, but when I google image search him I get black haired drawings.
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