Behind My Eyes...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    All will come to pass in due time,
    I'll see this world through open eyes,
    The night will give way to morning light,
    We'll pick up the sword, carry on the fight...

    When my mind unravels, it's only for a while,
    With the rising sun returns a hopeful smile,
    Victory, even though flesh is weak,
    Even those these bones quake and creak...

    I will see this through until the end,
    A second chance, I begin again and again,
    This world seen through different eyes,
    Rays of the sun splitting those eastern skies...

    All those monsters under my bed,
    The imagined voices in my head,
    Rolled back into the holes,
    The song of a thousand souls...

    Triumph over defeat, love over hate,
    I promise that it's never too late,
    To see this world through different eyes,
    For truth to overcome so many lies...

    The lies they speak, the truth you don't hear,
    Instills in your the hate, puts in you the fear,
    Open your eyes, behind them lies a light,
    That splits the dark and makes everything alright...

    And all in due time, promises will be kept,
    We'll all forget the reasons that we wept,
    Embrace the day as the darkness dies,
    Now see this world through my eyes...

    A silver lining around black clouds of rain,
    An edge of hope, sharper than the bite of pain,
    This all will come to pass in due time, a reason to believe sincerely,
    At first the picture was blurry, but now I perceive it clearly...

    That behind my eyes lies something great,
    Memories that make it worth the wait,
    And in front of us all lies something even greater,
    Something we'll all take hold of sooner or later...