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    Not where I wanna be
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    On a mountain of the unrighteous sits this seat,
    The skulls of druids and warlords under my feet,
    A sword of two hands leaning against my thigh,
    Its at the shimmering of steel heathens die...

    Let the light shine down, a final ultimatum,
    I'll repeat the words the words they gave verbatim,
    "Convert or die" they said, so I bid them dead,
    It was in self-defense I took their head...

    I tolerate those not on my path,
    But attacks do warrant my wrath,
    Now my knuckles are white as I grip the handle,
    As the head rolls from this zealous vandal...

    His antlers and fetishes protected him,
    Invincible animal gods, then I corrected him,
    Never the first to lash out at a peaceful sort,
    But always the last to be standing in this court...

    Come to me bearing both an olive branch and a blade,
    If the branch should fall, you'll watch your life fade,
    One clean sweep of a beautiful truth,
    A word I will cling to nail and tooth...

    Rigid and unbending, a tower in changing times,
    None are untouchable, not through charms or magic wines,
    Banners with ravens, banners with bones,
    Hit me with fists, hit me with stones...

    All it takes in one swing,
    To bring about the end,
    Beheaded by the beast in my hand,
    Hard to stand on a faith built in sand...

    You revel in the thorns,
    Or dress yourself with horns,
    They hide you no more than the morning sun,
    Stuck in this tangled web that you've spun...

    Approach me mind, come at me with heart,
    And I'll make sure that my sword isn't a part,
    Of our conversation on life, philosophies embedded,
    Or step to me like a warrior, find yourself beheaded...