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    i hate this show so much and they is now another ***** ******* series ***** of that show (i ranted about it in chat shows thread before) but when its on i refuse to watch the channel it broadcasting on however this year iv made a slight changed bacause scrubs is on... so i only watch that show and no others...

    but personaly im sick of hearing of people go on about it really its so sad if i ever wanted to watch how a few famous one a bee'ss i put cctv in the fashion department... after all, all they do is bitch and moan, and i even saw on the news that a person watch's it 23 hours a day when its one he should be shot, all the people who work on it should be shot. oh and i block my mates off msn if they talk about what has happened last night on it and kick them until they shut up...

    i also hate that every year in the uk we here its the last time because it cause's so much uprise ect... about what one person said....

    personaly i want to make it clear i wish it was never invented, and if it has to be showen dont talk about it on the news and dont speak about it to me because i may have to hurt you