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    I saw it with mates on Friday and we all loved it. In summary:

    - the CGI was flawless. 100% flawless. Skin looks like skin, eyes and facial muscles - perfect. Environment - stunning. True photorealism, finally.

    - 3D is the only way to see this movie. James Cameron doesn't use it to make you jump out of your chair. He uses it to make thinks look three dimensional. Rooms and vehicle hangars have depth to them. Looking down from cliffs and trees gives you a sense of real height. If 3D is the future of cinema, I'm all for it.

    - the story is not an instant standalone classic, but is perfectly servicable. Dialogue didn't make me cringe or groan. The love story was convincing. I actually cared what happened to the characters and wasn't just sitting there watching them.

    - it's 2.5 hours long but not once did I get bored, look at my watch or wonder how long to go etc. Pacing was very good.

    - I wear glasses and didn't have any problems wearing the 3D glasses over the top.

    - the Aussie guy in the lead role is great, and for us Aussie viewers, I think it makes it that much more enjoyable as that laidback larrikin character is just so Oz. In a good way. Not an embrassing cringeworthy Steve Irwin "crikey" kind of way. Aussies will understand :)

    - Zoe Saldana (Nytiri, and Uhura from Star Trek) does an amazing job bringing her character to life, considering we never see her human form like we do with Sam Worthington or Sigourney Weaver. She channels ferocity, tenderness, emotions, action, love - brilliant job.

    I'd give it a good 8 our of 10. I really can't pick anything I didn't like. Personally it lacked a tiny indescribable something for me, so it's not immediately on my list of all-time favourite movies, but there really is nothing I didn't enjoy about it either.

    Go see it in 3D on the big screen, seriously, even a blu-ray DVD on a big plasma TV won't do this movie justice.